Beston Indoor Soft Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan

An indoor soft playground was built by Beston company in Uzbekistan. The indoor soft play has 70㎡ and it is candy house theme which is popular among kids especially for small girls. You also can find the pirate ship element which is loved by little boys.

Besides, this indoor soft playground also has ball pools, and some animal cartoon characters, such as rabbit, mickey mouse, dog, small octopus, etc. Children can jump, run, climb and slip, and also interact with other kids in the playground. The indoor soft playground often grabs kids’ attention in the outdoor parks, indoor entertainment center, malls, playground, and so on. The following is customer feedback from our customers in Uzbekistan:

childrens soft play equipment for sale
Beston Indoor Soft Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan

What’s more, Beston also supplies various other themed indoor soft playground for you to choose from. Even if all of our solutions can not satisfy your demands, there is no need to worry about and we can customize the indoor soft playground according to your requirements. We can provide various solutions meet our customers’ demands as well as customizable indoor soft playground equipment. If you have any demands, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the optimal solutions!


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