Kids Amusement Rides for Sale

Kiddie rides, also called kids’ rides or children’s rides, are miniature amusement rides precisely defined for the fun of young children. As a profitable business, commercial kiddie ride is a must-have in amusement parks, theme parks, malls, supermarkets and even mum-and-dad stores.

As a top amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of cheap and safe amusement rides for sale, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides, and various carnival rides. Having our own factory, our company supplies high-quality, attractive children’s amusement rides to parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers and other location-based entertainment venues worldwide at reasonable prices.

And our kids carnival rides can be customized according to the requirements of customers. With colorful designs, children-friendly speed and music, as well as small footprint, our small kiddie rides will definitely bring great fun for children and make huge profits for our customers at home and abroad.

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Beston Amusement Rides provides the best pre-sales and after sales service for you.

First of all, safety is put the first. Featuring low-moving actions, our kiddie rides are loved by kids of all ages. While providing enjoyment for young children, our small amusement rides meet safety standards of concern and have various safety restraints in different kiddie rides. And our kiddie rides are made of quality and environmental-friendly materials. All in all, our professional team in factory dedicate to producing and providing well-built kiddie rides for your business.

amusement Le Bar car rides for sale in BESTON
Beston Carnival Le Bar Car Rides for Sale

Model: BRLB-2A
Capacity: 2 persons
Average speed: 8 km/h
Battery: rated voltage 24v,40ah
Size: 1.58*1.40*1.40 m
Power: 90w
Weight:160 kg
Material: FRP and steel
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Secondly, our kiddie rides can generate long-term revenues. Because of high-quality of our children’s amusement rides, our rides can last for longer time, which means you can get long term returns from your investment. Children’s favorite cartoon characters and small footprint are further advantages of our small carnival rides. Favorite cartoon characters in the kiddie rides make children want to ride once more. And the small footprint of our kiddie rides can generate more money for you. Since small amusement rides occupy less space, you can save your extra space for other kinds of carnival rides. For example, frog hopper rides for children only occupy a minimum area of 4*3 square meters.

kids mechanical bull for sale cheap in Beston
Beston Inflatable Children Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale

Model: BRBR-1A
Capacity: 1 person
Area: 4*4m
Max angle: 30 degree
Voltage: 220V,customized
Power: 900w
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Thirdly, customized designs are available. Our kiddie rides can be custom-themed to fit into your theme park or your specific preferences. Besides, our kiddie rides are also equipped with customized lights and music, which can appeal to children of all ages. With special tailored bright colors, various themes, our kiddies ride is definitely a hit among young children, which in return make more money for you.

inflatable kids fun house for sale cheap
Beston Inflatable Bounce House Manufacturer

buy inflatable water slides from beston
Beston Inflatable Water Slides for Sale Cheap

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Last but not the least, we offer affordable kiddie rides. You may have searched other companies, but the appalling prices for the kiddie rides make you hesitate to set up your own profitable kiddie rides business. However, since we have our own factory, we can provide you customized and quality small children amusement rides which are affordable for you. Then with wise investment in our kiddie rides, you can go forward with your own profitable kiddie rides business and pursue your own successful dream. What are You Waiting for?

In all, if you want to buy small kiddie fairground rides and set up a profitable business, Beston Amusement Rides is your best choice. Upholding the spirit of craftsmanship and commitment to customers, we provide cheap, safe and appealing kiddie amusement rides for you directly from our own company.

amusement chair swing rides for sale cheap in BESTON
Beston BRKR-1 Chair Swing Rides for Sale

amusement kiddie rides manufacturer Beston
Beston BRKR-2 Small Swing Carnival Rides for Sale

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Main Types of Kiddie Rides

According to the different structures and modes of motions, kiddie rides are divided into five major types as follows:

  1. Coin-operated kiddie rides: coin-op children’s rides are simple to operate and coins can make them activate and bring fun to young children. As a lucrative business, coin-operated kiddie rides are widely available in malls, supermarkets, and stores.
  2. Kiddie track rides: As the name implies, kiddie track rides are miniature amusement rides that move on track in the form of train or animal cartoon figures, such as, small track train with various themes, mini roller coaster in forms of caterpillar, dragon etc. and other attractive small track rides.
  3. Miniature Ferris wheel rides: With small size and low height, miniature Ferris wheel rides can entertain small children with safe cabins at a slow speed.
  4. Children’s carousel rides: small-sized carousel rides usually come in 3, 4 or 6 rides with variety of animal characters that children love.
  5. Children’s self-control rides: coming in forms of planes and flying elephants, children’s self-control rides usually have hydraulic arms that raise and lower the rides during slow movement. At the same time, there are levers or buttons which allow children to fly higher or lower at their own will, giving them the excitement that they are driving themselves.
beston reliable inflatable bumper boats manufactuer
Beston Cute Duck Inflatable Bumper Boats for sale

inflatable bumper boats for sale cheap
Beston Kiddie Inflatable Bumper Boats for Sale

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Outstanding Features that Make Kids Rides Evergreen

  • For kids, they love riding in colorful amusement rides in motion, which also feature their favorite animals, cartoon characters and vehicles. Besides, catchy theme tunes for kids, lights, and buttons alike on the mini amusement rides can draw the attention of young kids. With all these factors, it is certain that there are smiles on every kid’s face.
  • For parents, it does matter a lot to see their children happy. As long as their children love these safe and slow-moving kiddie rides, the parents will satisfy their kids’ wishes and pay for the happiness. At the same time, as parents may be weary from various things in life, kiddie rides offer a period of precious time, allowing the parents to have a rest while enticing their children in a safe and happy way.
  • For merchants own parks, supermarkets, or stores, kiddie rides are great money-maker. In light of the above two points, there is no doubt that children’s amusement rides can suck a lot of money from parents’ pockets, simply because their young children are attracted to the kiddie rides and are very happy. In addition, since kiddie rides often have compact dimensions, it allows merchants to make the most use of the space and create a reliable stream of income.

All the above information provided are meant to help you set up your own profitable kiddie rides business. If you buy kids rides from our company, you will be your own boss and make great returns out of low investment. This may be your turning point of your successful life! DON’T HESITATE.
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