Theme Park Rides for Sale

With the fast pace of modern life, theme park become more and more popular among people almost of all ages. For theme parks provide wonderful places for adults to relax a bit from busy daily life, allow families have a wonderful weekend or holiday together. Among other attractions, theme park rides draw a great attentions among theme park goers. From attractive kiddie rides in children’s center to popular family rides in family entertainment center, theme park rides, including mechanical rides and water rides, provide great fun for people almost of all ages. If you want to buy theme park equipment directly from factory, Beston is your perfect choice. All theme park rides for sale in Beston can be customized to fit in the specific themes in different areas of your theme park, and they are on sale at reasonable prices. Beston is always here for you.

Beston carousel rides to buy

Fairground Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel, also called roundabout or merry-go-round, is a classic amusement ride made of a rotating circular platform and various animal-formed seats for riders. As an all-time amusement family rides, carnival carousel rides are widely found in amusement parks, theme parks, ...
quality chair swing rides for sale

Chair Swing Rides for Sale

Chair swing rides are also called as flying swing rides, swing carousel rides, swinger, yo-yo, etc. As a combination of simple chairs and carousels, swing carousel rides are long standing amusement rides favored by kids and adults. As a result, ...
disco rides for sale

Disco Rides for Sale

Disco rides, also known as flying disco, UFO rides, are popular amusement thrill rides in theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, and even family entertainment centers. Beston flying disco rides are made of high quality fiberglass and steels. And the mega ...
thrill drop tower rides for sale

Drop Tower Rides for Sale

Drop tower ride is a new centerpiece in theme and amusement parks all over the world. This, along with its various names, prove the high popularity of the ride itself. Drop tower rides for sale in Beston group are customized ...
new bumper cars for sale in beston

Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars, also called dodgems, bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars, are timeless classic fairground rides loved by people from all ages both indoor and outdoor in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, malls, family entertainment centers and ...
quality family roller coasters cheap in Beston

Family Roller Coasters for Sale

Roller coasters, along with carousel rides, Ferris wheel rides, are classic amusement rides in theme and amusement parks. And when it comes to roller coasters, people often think of high steeps, high speed, and screaming. Here I want to introduce ...
buy ferris wheel rides from manufacturer Beston

Ferris Wheel for Sale

Although it belongs to thrill rides, Ferris wheel might not have the thrills. Ferris wheel, also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel for large ones, has been a staple in theme and amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs, family entertainment ...
Kamikaze Rides for Sale

Kamikaze Rides for Sale

A Kamikaze ride, also recognized as Skymaster ride, double-arm ranger, scissors and sky flyer, is a crazy new thrill ride in Beston group. Its names are all derived from its unique appearances, with two rotating arms connected to a single ...
buy quality kangaroo rides from Beston

Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale

Kangaroo jump ride, also called as kangaroo jumping ride, happy kangaroo jump ride, is one of the popular family rides in Beston group. Featuring adorable yellowish kangaroos, Beston kangaroo jump rides are attractive in appearances. In addition, these cute kangaroos ...

What is Theme Park?

According to the definition of Merriam-Webster, theme park is an amusement park where the rides and attractions are specially designed based on a particular theme. In other words, theme parks always attach great importance to specific themes, so that theme park goers can immerse themselves in these themes. When it comes to the theme park rides, they are often customized to fit in the specific themes around. No matter how different theme parks are around the world, they often features family centers, kiddie centers, thrill zones for thrill-seeker, and games as well as foods. When it comes to theme park and amusement park, it seems that the line between them is a little bit blurry. As defined by Merriam-Webster, amusement park seems to care more about entertaining people with their games and amusement rides. While in fact, like theme parks, nowadays amusement park also pay great attention to specific themes.

tagada rides for sale in Beston

Tagada Rides for Sale

What Makes Tagada Ride Popular among Thrill-Seekers? Tagada is a favorite amusement thrill ride of thrill-seeker. Tagada is also called disco tagada ride, because disco music will be played along the movement of the rides, which appeal greatly to young ...
beston top spin rides manufacturer in China

Top Spin Rides for Sale

Top spin rides, also called space travel rides in China, are exciting thrill rides that can spin riders upside down in several sequences. As a result, the rides enjoy great popularity among thrill-seekers around the world. High popularity means great ...
fairground surf's up rides for sale cheap in Beston

Surf’s Up Rides for Sale

Surf’s up rides, also called skater rides, belong to the amusement park rides Disk’ O series. For like disco rides, surf’s up rides also feature half pipe tracks, along which passenger gondolas are traveling. Besides, due to the ocean themed ...
swing tower rides for sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing tower ride, also known vertical swing and flying tower, is a new centerpiece for theme and amusement parks all over the world. Although it may second to the drawing power of giant roller coasters, vertical swing rides are well ...
teacup amusement rides manufacturer Beston

Tea Cup Rides for Sale

The tea cup ride, also called tea pot ride, spinning teacups, is one of the all-time classic family rides in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers, malls and other location-based entertainment venues. As for the configuration the ...
quality double flying paratrooper rides at low prices

Paratrooper Rides for Sale

As a popular amusement ride, paratrooper ride, is also called parachute ride or umbrella ride, named for its umbrella-covered seats. It is a rotating fairground ride with an oblique angle. It combines thrill with fun, bringing extraordinary airtime experience to ...

Beston Reliable Theme Park Equipment Manufacturer

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer of tons of theme park equipment in China. With concerned certificates, rich experience and professional technology, Beston has established long term business relationship with customers all over the world, by providing quality amusement rides at low prices and all around services. As for theme park rides, Beston provides top quality family rides, attractive kiddie rides, and profitable thrill rides for customers worldwide.

theme park equipment manufacturer in China Beston
Beston Theme Park Trackless Train Rides Cheap

theme park rides for sale
Customer feedback of Beston theme park trackless train rides

Interested in Our Theme Park Train Rides? 

In addition, armed with our expertise, Beston also offers to help you with the design and construction of your own theme parks. We have already successfully helped our customers from Russia, Nigeria, Iraq and Uzbekistan design and build their theme parks. And all their theme park rides are ordered from Beston. Form their feedback, we are glad to know that they are very satisfied with our professional help as well as speak highly of our quality theme park rides. So if you want to build your own theme parks or just to add more attractions to your parks, Beston group is your preferred choice in China. For we not only provide you with high quality amusement and theme park rides, but also offers you competitive prices than our competitors because we have our own factory so that you can buy theme park rides directly from factory.

amusement park kids self-control plane rides cheap

Self-Control Plane Rides for Sale

All kids love planes, especially driving planes. As a popular kiddie ride as well as family rides, self-control plane ride is a hit among children and families. This family and children friendly ride often features 6, 8, or 12 radial ...
mini spinning pendulum rides manufacturer Beston

Mini Frisbee Rides for Sale

What are Mini Frisbee Rides for Kids? As scaled down giant Frisbee rides, mini Frisbee rides are specially defined for the needs of young children. As a kind of kiddie rides, mini Frisbee rides can be considered as one of ...
slingshot rides for sale

Slingshot Rides for Sale

Slingshot ride is a new extreme thrill ride in Beston amusement. This exciting slingshot ride is so popular around the world that there are many names available for the same ride: slingshot, bungee rocket, ejection seat, human slingshot bungee, reverse ...
quality sightseeing space walk rides for sale

Sightseeing Space Walk Rides for Sale

When it comes to spacewalk, most people think of astronauts in the space. However, here I want to introduce to you the Beston sightseeing space walk rides, and they are also called space walking rides. They are actually theme and amusement ...
samba balloon rides manufacturer in China Beston

Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

The minute your guests see the samba balloon rides, they will like the rides! First and foremost, the brightly colorful decorations on the samba balloon rides will cheer people up, and lure people of almost all ages to have a ...
octopus amusement park rides for sale in BESTON

Octopus Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Brief Introduction to Octopus Ride Octopus ride is a kind of popular family rides loved by both children and adults in amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers, funfairs, carnivals. From the appearances, everyone can tell why it is called ...

Popular Theme Park Rides for Sale in Beston

As stated above, Beston provides various theme park rides for you at low prices. There are so many available in Beston, and here are some examples.

  1. Theme park carousel rides. Carousels are staple attractions in theme parks worldwide, for they can not only entertain people a lot, but also can remind people of romantic feelings.
  2. Customized theme park flying chair swing rides. As a variant of carousel rides, swingers are also popular among kids and adults.
  3. Theme park tagada rides. Tagada ride is considered to be one of the crazy theme park rides worldwide for its unique movement without providing safety belts.
  4. Theme park top spin rides. Flipping around in 360 degrees, top spin rides make thrill-seekers dizzy and scream, a wonderful addition to the thrill areas of your theme parks.
  5. Theme park self-control plane rides. As a unique family ride, self-control plane rides allow family members to fly high and low at their own will, and give children the chance to realize their dream of becoming a pilot and driving their own planes.
  6. Theme park mini pendulum rides. Kids also want to experience novel rides with a little bit thrill, and small pendulum rides are here to meet the needs of young children. Swinging back and forth while spin freely, kids pendulum rides are great draw of kids to your venues.


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