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Two Sets of Quality Indoor Soft Playground Equipment For Sale in Qatar

As Qatar geared up for the FIFA World Cup, two sets of customized indoor soft playground equipment for sale were constructed at Hamad International Airport, Doha, adding a touch of vitality to the airport atmosphere and complementing the spirit of the World Cup. These indoor play areas continue to captivate … Read more

Double Decker Carousel For Sale To Russia Friendship Park

In March 2023, Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd, witnessed a remarkable transformation with the installation of a stunning Russian double-decker carousel. This monumental achievement was the result of a flourishing partnership with a customer who sought to acquire grand merry-go-round rides in Russia.  If you’re interested in double decker carousel … Read more

Large Indoor Playground Equipment

Beston Install A Large Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

On November 22nd, 2021, Beston installed the large comprehensive indoor playground equipment in Uzbekistan. This comprehensive indoor playground  has an area of 2600m2, which is composed of different types of amusement rides for kids. You can find various amusement rides there, and it contains a set of playroom, which includes … Read more

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Customer Feedback of Beston Mini Frisbee Rides for Sale

Check the followings to confirm the different feedback of mini frisbee rides for kids from our customers in different countries. Get a Free Quote Mini frisbee rides are one of the most popular kids amusement rides for amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds and carnivals, shopping malls, playgrounds and so on. … Read more

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Beston Indoor Soft Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan

An indoor soft playground was built by Beston company in Uzbekistan. The indoor soft play has 70㎡ and it is candy house theme which is popular among kids especially for small girls. You also can find the pirate ship element which is loved by little boys. Besides, this indoor soft … Read more

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Beston Delivered the Slingshot Amusement Ride to Russia

Nowadays, Slingshot amusement rides are one of the most popular amusement rides in amusement and theme parks for the thrill-seekers. Slingshot rides also has many other name: reverse bungee rides, rocket bungee rides, ejection seats, catapult bungee and so on. Because of the novel design and extreme thrill, Beston slingshot … Read more

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Trackless Train Rides for Chile Customer

In 2016, Beston warmly welcomed the coming of Chile customer. He visited our company and factory. What’s more, the customer spoke highly of our company and factory, as well as our amusement rides. In our factory, the Chile customer drove and tested the elephant-themed trackless train rides he ordered. After … Read more

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Indoor Playground for Sale in Kazakhstan

A customer from Kazakhstan reached Beston in 2018. Having 2000m² indoor space, the customer wanted to do business with it but had no clear idea. After thorough consideration and discussion with the customer, Beston recommended him to build an indoor playground. And the customer was very happy about the idea. … Read more

Indoor Playground for Chile Customer

Indoor Playground for Sale in Chile

Indoor playground rides are becoming more and more popular in shopping malls, kindergartens, family entertainment centers and so on. Small children love playing in these soft playground, for they are colorful with novel designs and many objects. As for parents, indoor playgrounds are soft, safe and fun for their children. … Read more