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780m2 Indoor Entertainment Center Design in Turkey

Good news! Warm congratulations on the successful installation and opening of the 780㎡ Türkiye Indoor Entertainment Center amusement project! The comprehensive indoor project is carefully designed, installed and built by Beston Rides, including indoor soft playgrounds, electronic games, virtual reality equipment, carousels, small Ferris wheels, and Miami rides. For more … Read more

Factory Visit of Indonesia Customers

The Journey of Establishing Indonesia Zoo Park Project

Exciting news! Our latest outdoor park project in Indonesia has come to fruition! From the initial inquiry to the final installation and launch, the entire journey spanned roughly 6 months. With smooth progress every step of the way, we’re thrilled to share the success of this project with you. Interested … Read more

Amusement park rides for sale to Chile

New Park Design — Beston Amusement Rides For Sale to Chile

Congratulations on the delivery of the Chilean amusement rides for sale project! In March 2023,  we receive the customer inquiries of buying amusement rides for sale to Chile and we communicated with the customers team for further communication. After that, our customer decided to buy some suitable amusement rides for … Read more

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Beston Playground Design — Indonesia Space Indoor Playground

Beston Rides has designed a new indoor playground for our Indonesian customers. The space-themed custom indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia currently sold has been put into operation in March 2023, and the customer response has been very good. We at Beston Rides have overseas offices in Indonesia, the Philippines … Read more

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Comprehensive Park Project Successfully Landed in Algeria

Beston Rides, a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality amusement park rides, recently completed a remarkable comprehensive park project in Algeria. The park project encompassed the installation and operation of an array of high-quality amusement rides, including bumper cars, samba balloon rides, and pirate ship rides.  Project Overview The primary concern … Read more

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Two Sets of Quality Indoor Soft Playground Equipment For Sale in Qatar

As Qatar geared up for the FIFA World Cup, two sets of customized indoor soft playground equipment for sale were constructed at Hamad International Airport, Doha, adding a touch of vitality to the airport atmosphere and complementing the spirit of the World Cup. These indoor play areas continue to captivate … Read more

Double Decker Carousel For Sale To Russia Friendship Park

In March 2023, Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd, witnessed a remarkable transformation with the installation of a stunning Russian double-decker carousel. This monumental achievement was the result of a flourishing partnership with a customer who sought to acquire grand merry-go-round rides in Russia.  If you’re interested in double decker carousel … Read more

Large Indoor Playground Equipment

Beston Install A Large Indoor Playground Equipment in Uzbekistan

On November 22nd, 2021, Beston installed the large comprehensive indoor playground equipment in Uzbekistan. This comprehensive indoor playground  has an area of 2600m2, which is composed of different types of amusement rides for kids. You can find various amusement rides there, and it contains a set of playroom, which includes … Read more

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Customer Feedback of Beston Mini Frisbee Rides for Sale

Check the followings to confirm the different feedback of mini frisbee rides for kids from our customers in different countries. Get a Free Quote Mini frisbee rides are one of the most popular kids amusement rides for amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds and carnivals, shopping malls, playgrounds and so on. … Read more

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Beston Indoor Soft Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan

An indoor soft playground was built by Beston company in Uzbekistan. The indoor soft play has 70㎡ and it is candy house theme which is popular among kids especially for small girls. You also can find the pirate ship element which is loved by little boys. Besides, this indoor soft … Read more