Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale Cheap in Beston group. Tooting, tooting, be quick, because the Beston colorful all-time classic train packed with young and old people is leaving. Hauled by a locomotive, sized-down train carriages start to move slowly. Moving along tracks or moving on roads, the carnival train rides can carry passengers around and guarantee a great time for families, young and old whether indoor or outdoor. How fascinating it is! Besides, instead of just entertaining families, young and old, trackless trains can served as people movers to transport in or throughout your venues. With high popularity, these amusement park trains can generate great revenues for your existing amusement rides businesses or serve as a good start for your new businesses. An addition of carnival trains to your theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, malls will definitely boost your businesses.

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Beston Trackless Party Train Rides for Sale Cheap

Model: BRLT-18B
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 18 adults or 24kids
Loco Size: 2900*1160*1920mm
Dimension: 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning Radius: 3.5m
Max Speed: 10km/h
Range: 80km
Power: 3 kw
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children train rides with tracks manufacturer Beston
Beston Kiddie Miniature Track Train Rides for Sale

Model: BRKT-14B-3
Size: 1 locomotive + 3 coaches
Track Area: 8*10m
Power: 3.5 KW
Voltage: 220V
Cabin No.: 3
Capacity: 14 persons
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Beston – Top Amusement Park Train Rides Manufacturer in China

With several years of experience, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has become the leading amusement rides manufacturer and designers in china, serving customers all over the world. As a timeless amusement ride, carnival train ride has always been the hot selling product in Beston, because we offer safe, attractive train rides at affordable prices for customer around the world. Built and assembled in our own factory, Beston guarantees high quality, safety and competitive pricing to our customers worldwide. For our customer’s satisfaction is the goal of Beston, and your trust is our best advertisement. As for the customer support, Beston offers all around services for customers, whether you want to set up your profitable amusement rides businesses or you want purchase products from us, Beston’s professional technical and sales teams are looking forward your coming.

kiddie party train rides cheap price in Beston
Beston Mall Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Beston Electric Mall Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Different Kinds of Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale in Beston

As a timeless favorite, amusement park train rides come into different kinds with multiple usages. Usually, amusement park trains can be classified as trains with tracks and trackless trains. Due to the limited heights and sizes of amusement park trains, either trackless trains or track trains can operate both indoor and outdoor. In addition, according to the different targeted customers, different locations, these trains can be further divided as several kinds.

Kiddie park trains, whether with track or not, are used to entertain young children with colorful designs usually decorated with children favorite animal characters. Mall trains are often found in shopping malls, entertaining parents and their children. Carnival trains with larger carriages can accommodate adults or families in theme and amusement parks, municipal parks, and so on. For trackless carnival train rides, they can not only entertain young and old but also transport people with high capacity, such as touring around parks, moving your guests to parking lots and so on. In addition, there are also themed train rides, such as Christmas themed train rides and Thomas themed theme park train rides.

Special Features of Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale in Beston

1. Competitive pricing. All the carnival trains are built and assembled in our own factory, so Beston can offer you reasonable prices.
2. Great capacity. Usually with one more carriages linked, pulling capacity is great at a time. As a result, you can get greater revenues.
3. Customized themes and sizes. Various themes and sizes are available and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.
4. Top quality materials. All parts are built with certified materials, making the trains safe, environmental friendly.
5. Eco-friendly driven system. As for the power system, electric engines and battery operated train rides are perfect choices for you, for they are easy to operate and low in maintenance costs.
6. Sightseeing. Open-air design of the carriages provides incredible view for your guests.
7. Fewer noises. By using professional techniques, Beston carnival trains, whether track ones or trackless ones, can run smoothly without too many noises.

top quality trackless train rides cheap in Beston
Beston Carriages of Electric Trackless Train Rides for Sale

high quality trackless train rides cheap in Beston
Beston Interior Structure of Electric Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Several Helpful Tips for You

With so many offerings, you may at loss and wonder how you can set up your own profitable bumper car attraction. Here are some helpful tips for you when you want to buy Beston train rides.

1. Choose what kind of train rides you want. As mentioned above, Beston offers various kinds of train, electric and battery, track and trackless, family and kiddie. Be specific of your needs as well as your budgets, and choose accordingly.
2. Decide you want to operate your train rides in indoor or outdoor venues. Although Beston amusement train rides are suitable both for indoor and outdoor, there are still differences in the designs of indoor and outdoor venues.
3. Determine what designs and theme do you want for your train rides.
4. Rename your trains to fit in your overall design of your venues.


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