Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

As the name implies, coin operated kiddie rides are easy to operate, and a coin can activate the children’s rides and give fun to young children. As a main kind of kiddie rides, coin-operated children rides are widely available in parks, malls, supermarkets, family entertainment centers and mum-and pap stories. Featuring bright color, lights and children-friendly music, coin operated children’s rides often come in forms of train, vehicles, animals and children favorite cartoon characters, etc.. When activated by coins, with the flashing of lights and the children music, the children’s coin rides start to move forward-and backward, up-and down, or side-to-side at a moderate speed, which entertain young riders. Coin operated amusement rides for kids are all-time favorite of little kids, and can make kids want to ride once more, which in return suck a lot of money from parents’ pockets. If you want to buy coin operated rides, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is your ideal choice, because we supply a wide range of safe, well-built and attractive fairground rides at reasonable price directly from our own factory.

funfair kids bumper cars for sale inbeston
Beston Kiddie Bumper Cars for Sale

Model: BREB-2A
Size: D1.95*A1.25*H0.9m
Material: Fiberglass
Speed: 7km—10km/h
Loading weight: 150kg
One car: 15m² floor
Floor with LED light
12 cars need one control box
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Classifications of Beston Coin Operated Children’s Rides

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., supplies a wide range of coin operated kiddie rides according to the requirements of customers worldwide. In general, our kiddie rides can be divided into two different kinds. One is the common base ride type with animals or vehicles situated on a plat base. And when the rides are activated by coins, the animals or vehicles atop will shake up and down or side to side. While shaking, the equipped lights will flash, and the installed music player will play favorite tunes of children. Another kind of coin operated kids rides are customized, in other words, we can make coin operated versions of kiddie rides, such as mini carousels, big eye plane rides, kids excavator rides, Abo Qi kids rotary rides, etc..

merry go around for sale in BESTON
Beston 3-Horse Carousel Kiddie Rides for Sale

Model: BRMC-3-3
Capacity: 3 passengers
Power: 0.4 KW
Diameter: 1.35 m
Height: 2.4 m
Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ
Material: FRP&Steel
With music and light
With coin operated
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coin operated rides for sale in beston
Beston Coin Operated Kids Excavator Rides for Sale

Model: BRER-2A
Weight: 350kg
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Due to easy-operation, small footprint, coin operated kiddie amusement rides are suitable both indoors and outdoors. And they are widely found in parks, carnivals, funfairs, malls, supermarkets, mum-and-pop stores, family entertainment centers, indoor game rooms, and other entertainment venues. In these places, whenever you hear giggling of children, more often than not, there are coin operated kiddie rides around.

coin operated kiddie rides fro sale cheap in Beston
Beston Big Eye Rides for Sale

Capacity:8 kids
Plane number: 4
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Easy-operated! Plug in these lovely coin-operated children rides, put in coins, then magically, the cute animals or vehicles on the rides will come alive and start to move along with flashing lights and catchy tunes. And the magic can last for several minutes before they come to static. A little sad? Another coins will again bring these cute animals alive!

coin operated mall kids rides for sale
Beston Ladybug Rotary Rides for Sale

Capacity:16 person
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Why Coin Operated Kiddie Rides?

If you want to set up a profitable amusement rides business, coin operated kiddie rides are the good starters.

  1. Easy operation. Plug in and put in coins, and that is all you need to do. In fact, it is so easy to operate that you do not need to arrange a specific operator, which save your time and money. And you even can let parents with young riders activate the rides with coins for their kids. Besides, it is easy to install and maintain.
  2. Small footprints. Coin operated kiddie rides often occupy small space, which mean you can make the most use of your space to generate more money. If you are a store owner, put two base ride coin-operated children’s rides in front of your store will definitely make more extra money for you.
  3. Self-help setting up. You can set up the operation time each time with certain coins by yourself. This means you can adjust to the demand of market and the cost of installing and operation of these coin operated kiddie amusement rides. You are your own boss!
  4. Other benefits. Whether you are vendors in parks, carnivals, supermarkets, or self-employed store owners, attractive coin operated kiddie rides with bright colors, cute characters, cool vehicles will definitely draw children’s attention. While spending money on fun rides for their children, more often than not, parents will treat themselves as well as their children snacks, and other stuff. Just image! These coin operated kiddie rides are great money-makers themselves, and at the same time, they will draw more customers to your stalls, stores, etc.
coin operated rides for sale
Beston Motorized Animal Scooters

Max load:100kg
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Features of Beston Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

  1. Well-built products. The body of our kiddie ride is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and synthetic rubber, which are environmental-friendly without pungent odor. In addition, because of the special craft technique, the colorful paintings on the coin operated children’s rides are endurable.
  2. Customized designs. We dedicate to offering best service to customers from home and abroad. And since kids in different countries have different preferences, or customers have specific needs for their rides, with the genius and endeavor of our workers in factory, we commit to meeting any requirements in designs, themes, and colors and so on.
  3. Reasonable prices and quick returns. If you buy coin-operated kids rides from Beston, you will enjoy great benefits. As a top amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston amusement rides has its own factory with skilled workers, and you can get high quality money-making coin operated kiddie rides from us with affordable prices. In light of the low investment and the capability of generating money, your coin operated children’s amusement rides will bring you returns in short period of time.
  4. All-around pre-sales and after-sales services. Beston has a professional sales team and skilled technicians. If you have any question about our products and services, please contact us,  we are always here to help you.


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