Double Decker Carousel For Sale To Russia Friendship Park

In March 2023, Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd, witnessed a remarkable transformation with the installation of a stunning Russian double-decker carousel. This monumental achievement was the result of a flourishing partnership with a customer who sought to acquire grand merry-go-round rides in Russia.  If you’re interested in double decker carousel for sale, please contact Beston Rides for free consultation!

Collaborative Journey – From Inquiry to Double Decker Carousel

The journey began in June 2022 when we received an inquiry from our esteemed customer through our website. Eager to understand the customer’s vision for the park’s merry-go-round, we initiated swift communication. Through meticulous design and timely feedback, we forged a fruitful collaboration that exceeded all expectations.

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Double Decker Carousel Ride Design

Park Project Introduction

Our initial interaction in June 2022 marked the commencement of an ambitious endeavor. We engaged in extensive discussions with our Russian client, who aspired to elevate Friendship Park, nestled in the heart of Volgograd City, with a grand amusement park merry-go-round. The customer’s vision was clear—to introduce the largest double-decker carousel in Russia, transforming it into a prominent landmark and a must-visit attraction. Their goal was to draw a significant influx of visitors to explore the wonders of Friendship Park through double decker carousel for sale.

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Double Carousel in Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd

Requirements Communication

Background Investigation: In June 2022, following our initial contact, we conducted a comprehensive background check of the park. This included evaluating the existing amusement rides, assessing the park’s size, and learn about the local culture and people.
Contract Signing: Following our detailed discussions with the customer in June and July 2022, we embarked on a mission to make a double-decker carousel ride design that would meet the expectations of park visitors. These discussions revolved around intricate design specifics, including the visual aesthetics, color schemes, and overall layout of the double-decker carousel ride for sale. The culmination of these discussions resulted in a purchase contract being signed in July 2022. This marked a significant milestone, signifying the customer’s satisfaction with our delicate carousel design.

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Double Carousel Design

Carousel Design: On August 2022, our team of highly skilled designers set to work, channeling their creativity and expertise to help the design of the double-decker carousel. Every detail, from the color scheme of the carousel horse ride of the carousel ride to the configuration plan, underwent meticulous fine-tuning. The objective was clear: to align the design precisely with the customer’s vision and aspirations for Friendship Park. With the design plan carefully honed and perfected, the customer expressed their approval by making an advance payment in August of double decker carousel for sale. After the design plan was revised, the customer paid the advance payment in August to express his approval. Then it’s time to enter the production phase of the park’s carousel, one step closer to transforming Friendship Park into a charming destination.

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Horse Carousel Ride Design Plan

double decker carousel fairground ride for sale
Double Decker Configuration Plan

Transportation, Installation, and After-sale Feedbacks

Ensuring Quality – Production & Transportation & Installation

Production: After signing the purchase contract in July 2022, our skilled craftsmen and engineers went into action. Between August 2022 and December 2022, we dedicated ourselves to the production of this magnificent double decker carousel for sale, ensuring every component met stringent international standards. Our quality inspectors rigorously tested each part, guaranteeing its durability and safety. With a commitment to excellence, we transformed raw materials into a stunning 64-seat double-decker carousel, ready to dazzle park visitors.

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Double Decker Carousel Painting Process

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Double Decker Merry Go Round Quality Check

Transportation: From August 2022 to December 2022, we carefully completed the production of 64 double-decker carousels and carefully arranged their seamless transportation. Throughout the process, our dedicated quality inspection team conducts rigorous testing to ensure that the equipment meets strict international quality standards. We will properly pack and box the equipment before transporting it.
Installation: In March 2023, the installation of the double decker carousel for sale was successfully completed, officially opening a new era of Friendship Park. The attraction’s charming design and eye-catching appearance immediately caught people’s attention, and people started visiting the park. It even attracted the interest of foreign media, and many media outlets reported on the wedding double-decker carousel.
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Profitable Double Decker Carousel Rides For Sale

Double Decker Carousel for sale in Beston Rides
Double Decker Carousel For Sale Package and transportation

Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase

Media Report: Following the successful installation and park opening, the double-decker carousel became the talk of the town, attracting the attention of local media outlets in Russia. Its distinctive design and captivating aesthetics generated considerable buzz, significantly enhancing the park’s popularity.
Customer Repurchase: Once installed, the carousel resulted in a significant increase in foot traffic at the park. Customers are very satisfied with our products and services and have established a lasting partnership with Beston. Based on mutual trust and successful collaboration, our client recently made an exciting return purchase of one of our exciting 360 degree pendulum rides.

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Double Decker Carousel For Sale Media Report

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Double Carousel Customer Feedbacks

Beston Rides – Your Premier Carousel Manufacturer

Beston Rides proudly stands as the premier double decker carousel manufacturer in China, known for producing and exporting diverse carousel rides for sale to destinations worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to complying with international standards and obtaining various international certificates underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, safe park play equipment and children’s play equipment.

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Christmas Carousel Rides For Sale

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Ocean Carousel Rides For Sale

Elevate Your Park – Beston Comprehensive Park Solution

For those considering the acquisition of a double decker carousel for sale, Beston Rides is your ultimate partner. As the leading amusement park rides manufacturer in China, we boast a rich history of successfully executing park projects globally. Our comprehensive park solution, including park design services, positions us as the ideal collaborator for aspiring park owners and investors. We have carried out park projects in many countries, including indoor parks as well as outdoor parks. Contact us today to embark on your park venture with confidence and elevate your park to new heights!


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