Theme Park Water Rides for Sale

Theme park water rides are very welcome in summer time. Hot weather in summer makes people almost of all ages want to play in water with family members and friends. Kids are very fond of water in summer time. So parents will satisfy the needs of their kids. Besides, in the hot air in summer, parents also want to treat themselves well by joining their children. So you will have constant guests in your theme and amusement parks, or other areas that have lakes or swimming pools. Besides, playing around waters will save people from the hot air in summer time, and will give people great time.

theme park water slides for sale in Philippine
BRWR-A1 Beston Amusement Park Water Rides for Sale

top and professional water slides manufacturer
BRWR-A2 Quality Water Slides for Sale in Beston

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paradise fiberglass water slides
BRWR-A3 Beston Fiberglass Paradise Slides for Sale

professional water slides for sale
BRWR-A4 Quality Fiberglass Water Slides for Sale

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So water rides are great investments for shrewd amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers owners. Beston theme park water rides for sale include inflatable bumper boats for kids and adults, paddle boats, water bikes, water slides, and water obstacle courses. All these have proved to be classic theme and amusement park water rides that constantly draw great attentions of people in summer time.

fiberglass water slides for sale australia
BRWS-B2 Buy Fiberglass Water Slides for Sale in Beston

fiberglass water slides for sale
BRWS-B1 Beston Fiberglass Water Slides for Sale

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water rides for sale
Flume Rides for Sale

Model: BRFR-20A
Track length: 206m
Height: 15m
Capacity: 20 persons
Power: 180kw
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new water rides for sale
Water Rides for Sale

Model: BRNR-16A
Height: 1.9m
Capacity: 16 persons
Power: 20kw
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Amusement Park Bumper Boats for Sale

Water bumper boats for sale in Beston come in many different kinds according to how they are driven: electric bumper boats, battery powered bumper boats, gas powered bumper boats, and motorized bumper boats. As the materials of Beston water bumper boats, they are mostly made of high quality inflatable materials, engineering plastic and fiberglass. All Beston water bumper boats can be specifically designed to meet your needs in sizes, power systems, colors, and so on.

beston inflatable bumper boats manufacturer
Beston Bumper Boats Cheap for Sale

Model: BRWB-2A
Diameter: 2.1m
Capacity: 2 persons
Color: customized
Power: 12v&105-150ah
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Bumping each other in bumper boats on water have different kind fun with fairground bumper cars. The impact of fairground bumper cars is much greater, and will give the riders strong sensations of their bodies. While for bumper boats, since water bumper boats float on water, the floating will decrease the impact of bumper boats.

quality water bumper boats for sale in BESTON
Beston Swan Bumper Boats Cheap

Model: BRKB-2A
Size: 123*80*36cm
Weight: 24.4kg
Load bearing: 100kg
Color: customized
Material: engineering plastic & PVC
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Theme Park Water Slides for Sale

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a top water slide manufacturer in China, providing various water slides in different sizes, themes, designs, and colors. Besides, all of the water slides in Beston can be customized to fit in the surroundings of your theme and amusement parks. Except for the attractive appearances, Beston water slides stand out with high quality materials which make your water slides last long time. In addition, when the water slides are designed and made in Beston factory, we attach great importance to the safety of our theme park water slides. Sliding down from water slides will not only cool people down in hot summer time, but also bring great fun for the theme park and amusement water park goers.

beston water slides manufacturer in China
Beston Quality Water Slides for Sale Cheap

Beston Popular Water Slides for Sale

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Cheap Paddle Boats for Sale

Paddle boats are long time popular water rides, suitable for riding on lakes, ponds and rivers. Beston paddle boats come in many kinds: the paddle wheeler boats, small paddle boats for children, river paddle boats and swan paddle boats, and so on. Except for these, we can design the exact paddle boats you want for your amusement businesses.

water paddle boats for sale
Beston Small Paddle Boats for Kids

Model: BRKP-1A
Size: 127*82.5*25.5cm
Weight: 15kg
Load bearing: 60kg
Color: customized
Material: engineering plastic
Suitable for shallow water or inflatable swimming pool
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The reasons why paddle boats enjoy great popularity are that: firstly, they can paddle slowly in the lakes or rivers to enjoy time with their friends, loved ones. Secondly, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery around them, which can give great peace to their minds.  Thirdly, people can embrace the cool airs on the water, saving them from the extreme hot weather of summer time.

4 persons water paddle boats manufacturer Beston
Beston Cheap Water Paddle Boats for Sale

Model: BRPB-4A
Size: 3.8*1.5*0.75 m
Capacity: 4 persons
Material: FRP
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Inflatable Water Obstacle Courses for Sale

If you want to provide a bit thrill water rides for your guests, you cannot miss floating water obstacle courses from Beston. For Beston offers you variety of high quality water obstacle courses for you at low prices. These obstacle courses can be used in lakes, rivers and other water themed venues. Water obstacle courses offer great chance for people to have intimate contact with cool water, and at the same time allow them to run along and compete with each other. These water obstacle courses are great water thrill rides for your amusement and theme water parks.

quality floating water obstacle course for sale

floating water obstacle course manufacturer in China

Water Bikes for Sale

People love riding bikes, for the bikes give people a sense of freedom from the busy daily life. For the same reason, people are fond of riding water bicycles or tricycles. Beston provides both pedal or paddle water bicycles and tricycles. From one to three persons can ride along the Beston water bikes to enjoy their great and cool time on water in your venues together. Besides, Beston water bikes are of different designs to meet your needs.

inflatable water bikes cheap in BESTON
Beston Water Bike Rides for Sale

Model: BRDB-2A
Size: 2.65*1.65*0.65m
Capacity: 2 person
Weight: 70kg
Load: 230kg
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beston supplier of water rides for sale
Beston Water Tricycle for Sale Cheap

Model: BRWT-2A
Size: 3.2*2.0*2.0m
Capacity: 2 person
Weight: 75kg
Load: 180kg
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Other Popular Water Rides Available in Beston

Except for the above theme park water rides, Beston also provides many other popular water rides in different models and themes. If you want to buy theme and amusement park water rides for your businesses or for personal use, Beston group is your perfect choice. For you not only can order what you want, but also can buy these quality theme park water rides at low prices. This is wonderful chance that you can not miss.

theme park water rides

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