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Beston Rides has designed a new indoor playground for our Indonesian customers. The space-themed custom indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia currently sold has been put into operation in March 2023, and the customer response has been very good. We at Beston Rides have overseas offices in Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries. You can buy children’s indoor play equipment from Chinese indoor playground suppliers with confidence. We provide you with high-quality products and localized services to ensure your success!

Project Review

Customers found us online in September 2020, hoping to purchase high-quality indoor playgrounds from us. Subsequently, we designed according to the customer’s actual situation. The indoor playground structure for sale is very suitable for indoor areas, especially shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, resorts, libraries, children’s entertainment centers, etc. If you want to choose an investment project, indoor playground business is a good choice for you. Consult us, and we will send a professional design and operation team to help you start your business in Indonesia!

daycare indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia
Space Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale

December 2020Initial inquiry received from customer interested in a commercial indoor soft playground in Indonesia
Thorough Discussion and Design PlanningDetailed discussions to understand specific requirements; presentation of space-themed design plan
March 2023Completion of successful installation and commencement of operations for the space-themed playground in Indonesia
July 2023Completion of manufacturing, quality control, and assembly inspection of indoor playground equipment
March 2023Successful completion of the installation of the space-themed custom indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia

Themed Indoor Playground Design

According to the needs of customers, our custom indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia selected ball pools, electric rotating coconut trees, slides, trampolines, sand pools, and expansion equipment. We carried out a unique design on a limited site, rationally utilizing every inch of space, and also set up It is more reasonable for parents to wait in the supervised area. If you want to invest in a soft indoor playground, you can leave your project information and your site map in the inquiry box, and we will provide you with a free 2D design!

How to Find Indoor Playground Design Company
How to Find Indoor Playground Supplier

buy indoor playground equipment
Indoor Playground Business For Sale in Indonesia

Installation and Quality Check

Product Production: After the contract was finalized, we began an intensive production phase that culminated in July with meticulous manufacturing and strict quality control procedures. Our primary focus remains on ensuring the unparalleled safety and durability of the custom indoor soft playground equipment we sell.
Shipping Inspection: Thorough assembly inspection is essential to prevent potential quality issues or oversights. Packaging strictly adheres to our high standards, the indoor playground structure is carefully packed together with the relevant components, and special care is given to double-packing fragile components. A comprehensive integrity quality check of indoor playground jungle gym is carried out on all products and spare parts before shipment.

Production and Package of Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Production and Package of Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Sales To Indonesia
Indoor Playground Sales To Indonesia

Transportation and Feedback

Online Installation Guidance: To suit our customers’ preferences and budgets, we offer flexible self-service installation, complemented by comprehensive online guidance. Detailed installation drawings, coupled with professional assistance, ensure a seamless installation experience. Successful completion of space-themed commercial indoor playground in Indonesia The equipment was completed in March 2023.

Indoor Soft Playground For Sale Installation Draft
Indoor Soft Playground For Sale Installation Draft

modern indoor playground equipment installation
Installation of indoor playground equipment

Customer Feedback: Our customers were very satisfied and particularly praised the detailed and clear installation drawings. They also commended us for quickly resolving any installation-related challenges that arose during the process of custom indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia.

Beston New Playground Design - Space Theme Custom Indoor Playground Equipment
Custom Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale To Indonesia Feedback


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