Small Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Small roller coaster rides are specially defined for the needs of young children, riding in the open cars along the track set on ground level or with limited heights. And unlike many typical roller coaster rides that are self-power, these miniature roller coaster are all powered by one or more motors incorporated in the trains. Operated by operators, these kids roller coasters often travel along the track several times before they are stopped.

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Beston Wacky Worm Kids Roller Coaster Cheap

small roller coaster for sale
Beston Mini Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

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Small roller coaster rides are comprised of train-like vehicles and layout tracks. The vehicles are consisted in a headstock, a tailstock and several cabins in between. As for the layout of track, it can come into both singular and double tracks. As a classic amusement ride, roller coaster is usually the statement piece in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, etc. While the elevated roller coasters with loops and sharp slops are for adults seeking thrill, kids mini roller coaster rides are for children to enjoy their bit taste of thrill but safe roller coaster rides. Although the kids roller coaster rides come into small scale, they do not comprise the great fun for children as well as parents. As a sized version of giant roller coasters, children’s roller coaster are suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, malls, family entertainment centers and even the backyard of your home.

small roller coaster rides for sale
Beston Fruit Worm Miniature Roller Coaster for Sale

Wherever there are mini roller coaster rides, there are laughs and smiles of young children as well as their parents. As an experienced amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., supplies a wide range of small roller coaster rides for sale worldwide and can offer customized kids roller coaster rides to meet any of your specific requirements. What more, since we manufacture products mainly in our own factory, Beston can offer your high quality products with reasonable prices.

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Beston Mini Roller Coaser for Sale

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Beston Mini Shuttle Roller coaster for Sale

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Different Kinds of Miniature Roller Coaster Rides for Sale in Beston

According to the different shapes and themes, kids roller coaster rides for sale in Beston are classified as fruit-worm roller coaster, wacky worm or caterpillar roller coaster, dragon themed roller coaster and racing car roller coaster.

Fruit-worm roller coaster is the smallest rides in these four kiddie roller coaster. It is made of a fruit worm shaped vehicle, a circular singular track, fruit worm’s favorite fruit apple and roofed platform for riders to ride on and off. The body of the fruit worm are several cabins with the capacity of accommodating two kids, or a kid with a parent. Powered by motor all the way, the fruit worm roller coaster runs towards his favorite apple along fluctuate circular track. Green fruit worm, red apple and yellowish track make the ride colorful and attractive. Riding in the open cabins of kids mini roller coaster, children can not only enjoy the fun brought by the ride, but also can feel the intimacy with the nature. All aboard, the fruit worm cannot wait to rush to his favorite apple.

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Beston Fruit Worm Mini Roller Coaster for Sale

Model: BRFW-12A
Capacity: 12 persons
Cabins No.: 6
Area: 8m*12m
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
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The wacky worm or caterpillar roller coaster, of course, is a green and yellowish caterpillar vehicle running along tracks. Caterpillar roller coaster are comprised of vehicle, track, and platform for riders to ride on and off. However, unlike the simple layout of fruit worm roller coaster, wacky worm usually has two layers of tracked, as the caterpillar first travels on ground level track, and then climb to the higher track. Because of this, wacky worm roller coaster needs stronger motor or two motors to power the caterpillar vehicle for it needs to climb up. What’s more, surrounded by flower cup lights, the brightly painted wacky worm rides are even more attractive. With smile face, the caterpillar are always welcoming young children as well as their family, and is delight to carry you around the circular double tracks.


The dragon shaped roller coaster is inspired by Chinese mystic character “dragon” with long reddish body. This dragon shaped roller coaster shares much similarities with wacky worm roller coaster both in the layout of tracks and the main components of the rides. Riding along the dragon roller coaster, you will enjoy the oriental culture as well as the impression of flying with the mystic and auspicious oriental dragon.

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Beston Dragon-Themed Mini Roller Coaster for Sale

Model: BRDR-20A
Floor area:25*18m
Height: 3.2m
Track length:120m
Voltage: 3N.AC380V/220V.50HZ
Maximum drop: 2.6m
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The sports car roller coaster, also called mini shuttle ride, is an amusement ride for children with double layer of tracks. It usually consists of 16 mini cars in different styles, accommodating two persons. What’s more, each car is equipped with a steering wheel and four wheels, which, in total, give young rides the impression that they are really driving along the highway. And more often than not, the ride is operated under a roof, protecting young riders from sun and rain. In addition, the sides of tracks are equipped with lights, and children favorite music are played. The combination of these features can draw great attention to children and they are eager to drive their own cars and enjoy the fun. In fact, the cars in this ride can also be replaced by various animals that loved by children, as well as the China’s famous high-speed railway.

small roller coaster for sale
Beston Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster for Sale

Model: BRMS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Size: 10m*16m
Area: 12m*18m
Height: 2.4m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Cabins No.: 10
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
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Special Features of Beston Small Roller Coasters for Sale

  1. High-quality. The vehicles, whether in fruit worm, wacky worm/caterpillar, dragon or racing car form, are made of endurable materials like fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP), and are painted with vibrant colors which make the animals or cars vivid and shinning. In addition, the tracks are made of stainless steel, which are also test and proved to bear the required weight.
  2. Customized products. As introduced above, Beston group offer different kinds of mini roller coaster rides for children. And our products can be tailored for your any specific preferences, whether in themes or in sizes.
  3. Quick and great returns. Since kids roller coaster for sale in Beston are sold at cheap prices with high quality, with low investment, you can own these popular money-makers, sucking much money from parents’ pockets for the needs of their children.
  4. Best services. No matter you are new in this area or not, no matter where are you from, Beston strives to provide you the best pre-sale and after-sale service, concerning all issues like the information of the products, the shipment, the installment, and the operation of your own parks. We are always here for you.
  5. Other advantages. Our kids roller coaster are equipped with audio, light, which work well to attract attention of children from far away. Besides, you can set the running time section for each ride.


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