Mini Ferris wheel for Sale

As a timeless classic, Ferris wheels are the favorite of young and old. As a kind of kiddie rides, mini Ferris wheel are designed for the needs of kids. Compared with Ferris wheels in large sizes, miniature Ferris wheels are small in sizes and are much simpler in the operation. Alike other kiddie rides, such as coin-operated kiddie rides, mini carousels, etc., small Ferris wheels move in children friendly speed, and are decorated with vibrant colors. As a great draw for young children, mini Ferris wheel is a must-have in children playgrounds, theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals whether indoor or outdoor. With high popularity among young children, miniature Ferris wheels are great additions to your existing amusement rides businesses or to start with your own businesses.

mini Ferris wheel

Cabin No.AreaPowerCapacity
54m*6m3.5kw10 kids
66m*6m4.5kw12 kids
85m*7m5kw16 kids
106m*6m6kw20 kidsDouble face
1210m*20m7kw24 kids

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Where to Buy a Mini Ferris Wheel?

As a leading amusement rides and equipment manufacture in China, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. products a wide range of miniature Ferris wheels for customers from home and abroad. Specialized in producing and designing various amusement rides, Beston has the experience and skills to provide you high quality mini Ferris wheels for your parks, kindergartens, family entertainment centers, backyards. Beston treats you as our friends, and we always put your needs in mind during all stages of cooperation. As a result, your concerns are our own goals to meet. We pay attention to the quality of our products, ensuring the safety of your guests. As for the prices of mini Ferris wheels, Beston offers you cheaper prices than our competitors. When it comes to other services, we strive to provide best all-around services to meet any of your needs. We are serious player in amusement rides manufacturing and selling, and are looking forwards to long-term cooperation from you, so we pay attention to every detail of our services. All in all, Beston is the preferred choice for you.

kiddie mini ferris wheel cheap in Beston
Beston Amusement Park Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

beston backyard miniature ferris wheel rides fro sale in Beston
Beston Carnival Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

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Different Kinds of Minature Ferris Wheels for Sale in Beston

Beston small Ferris wheel for sale are usually divided according to two different criteria. One is the numbers of passenger cabins or cars. There are 5, 6, 12 cabins available. The other criterion is whether the mini Ferris wheel has one side or double sides. The one side small Ferris wheel is common, while the double side or face mini Ferris wheel are rare. As the name implies, double side miniature Ferris wheel has two set of cabins on the upright wheel in opposite with each other. This means that it can entertain more kids once at a time. Beston mini Ferris wheels are in various colors, designs and themes. What’s more, our miniature Ferris wheels can be customized to fit in specific backgrounds of your venues.

buy amusement small Ferris wheel rides cheap from BESTON
Beston Miniature Ferris Wheel for Sale

Model: BRMF-5A
Area: 8*4
Voltage: 380v
Capacity: 10 kids
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miniature ferris wheel for sale cheap in BESTON
Beston Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

Model: BRMF-6A
Area: 6*6 m
Voltage: 380v
Cabins: 6
Capacity: 12 kids
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miniature ferris wheel manufacturer in China Beston
Beston Small Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

Model: BRMF-12A
Height: 20m
Power: 3.5KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.:12
Capacity: 48 persons
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buy popular miniature ferris wheel rides from Beston
Beston Double-Face Mini Ferris Wheel Rides fro Sale

Model: BRMF-10A
Height: 6-7m
Area: 6*6m
Power: 7.5 KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 10
Capacity: 20 persons
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Features of Beston Mini Ferris wheel for Sale

  1. Quality materials. Beston built mini Ferris wheels are made of high quality and environmental friendly materials to make it safe for young riders. The main structure of Beston small Ferris wheels are made of strong steel coated with colorful thick painting. The cabins are made of fiber glass reinforced plastics with steel rails to ensure the safety of kids while the rides in motion.
  2. Small footprint. Beston small Ferris wheels are often of limited height, less than 10 meters. Besides, the cabins are designed for the size of two kids. So the rides are small. Due to the compact dimension, Beston mini Ferris wheels take up small space area, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Besides, this allows you to take full advantage of your space to generate more revenues and bring more fun to children.
  3. Easy operation and maintenance. Beston mini Ferris wheels are powered by electricity with control boxes, so all you need to do is plug in and then the rides will start to turn around. Small footprint and easy operation further make the rides easy to maintain. You only have to do routine check before the operation, making sure it is safe.
  4. Various themes available. Beston offers a wide variety of themes for you. No matter venues you own, amusement and theme parks, kindergartens, family entertainment centers, there is a perfect choice for you in Beston mini Ferris wheels. If you are still not satisfied, we can customize small Ferris wheels for you.
  5. Low investment and high returns. Since we built and assembled mini Ferris wheels in our own factory, Beston can offer you well-built small Ferris wheels at comparatively lower prices, saving you the whopping agent fees. In addition, because of the high popularity of mini Ferris wheels among young children, they are definitely great draw of kids with parents. As a result, the rides will not only enhance the popularity of your venues, but also can generate a great amount of revenues for you.
mini ferris wheel for sale cheap
Beston Amusement Kiddie Ferris Wheel for Sale

beston carnival miniature ferris wheel for sale
Beston Small Ferris Wheel Cheap

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ProductBeston Ferris Wheel
Cabins5 cabins10 cabins
Capacity10 riders20 riders
Area4 * 6m7 * 7m

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