Amusement Pendulum Rides for Sale

What are Amusement Pendulum Rides?

Pendulum rides, as the name implies, are amusement park rides featuring fixed pendulums. The rides are comprised of gondolas, arms and axles. The axle is often made of four inclined pillars to support the arm and the gondola. As for the arm and gondola, there are different features in different models of pendulum rides. In general, pendulum rides include pirate ship rides, Frisbee rides, and 360-degree rotary Frisbee rides in various models and sizes with different levels of thrill factor. For thrill-seeker adults, pendulum rides in large sizes with high or extremely high thrill factors guarantee a thrilling rider experience. Besides, there are miniature pendulum rides for the needs of children. Nowadays, pendulum rides are very popular rides in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and fairgrounds along with other swing rides, carousel rides, bumper cars, roller coaster rides, etc. The pendulum rides are great draws of guests to your profitable amusement rides businesses.

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Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

Giant Frisbee ride, also called pendulum swing, Frisbee ride or big pendulum, as a kind of pendulum rides, is one of the popular thrill rides that thrill-loving guests look for. The configuration of the giant Frisbee ride comprises of four ...
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Mini Frisbee Rides for Sale

What are Mini Frisbee Rides for Kids? As scaled down giant Frisbee rides, mini Frisbee rides are specially defined for the needs of young children. As a kind of kiddie rides, mini Frisbee rides can be considered as one of ...

 Pendulum Rides Physics

  1. A happy memory. The common ride action of pendulum rides of all kinds no matter in what sizes is that the gondola is swung back and forth, which can remind adult riders of swing sets in their childhood. For young riders, miniature pendulum rides give them little more thrilling experience.
  2. Weightlessness and g-forces. For giant pendulum rides, as they are powered by stronger motors, they can swing in greater angels, and even 360 degrees for the 360-degree rotary Frisbee rides. For thrill-loving people on giant pendulum rides, they will experience near-weightlessness or a complete weightlessness as they approach the top of a pendulum ride. Whereas at the bottom of the swing arc, they will also experience high g-forces. The combined sensations give riders the fantastic and unforgettable ride experience.
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Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

What are Pirate Ship Rides? Pirate ship ride mainly consists of four steel pillars, two swing arms, a ship shaped vehicle and the platform on which riders can go on and off the ride. The four converged pillars are set ...
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Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What are Small Pirate Ship Rides So Popular? Small pirate ship is a popular kiddie rides loved by young children in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, malls and other family entertainment centers. And children pirate ship is actually a ...

Want to Buy a Pendulum Ride?

If you want to any kinds of amusement rides, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.  is your best choice. As a leading amusement rides and equipment manufacture in China, Beston offers various high quality fairground rides for your specific needs at reasonable prices. As for pendulum rides, Beston supplies giant, medium and miniature pendulum rides for customers all around the world with a variety of themes available. Armed with our own professional and experienced technician team and sales team, Beston strives to provide you the reliable, affordable products and the best services.

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Beston Amusement Park 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Rides for sale

360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Ride for Sale

Like giant Frisbee ride, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride, a pendulum ride, belongs to popular large thrill rides. However, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride is much more thrilling than giant Frisbee rides, because this one can swing 360 degrees, making you upside down in the high air! A must-have thrill ride for thrill-seekers as well as owners of theme and amusement parks, ...

Special Features of Beston Amusement Pendulum Rides for Sale

  1. Safety comes first. As the pendulum rides offer high or moderate thrill for different people, it is extremely important to pay great attention to the safety. As a responsible, professional amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston commits to supplying high quality products and best services for our customers both at home and abroad. Our built pendulum rides are made of high quality and environmental-friendly materials to ensure the safety of riders as well as the environment.
  2. Various themes and sizes are available. To meet the constant changing tastes of your guests as well as your needs, Beston manufactured amusement rides equipment can be customized to meet any requirements. We share the same goals with you: drawing more guests to your park, generating more money.
  3. Our services are the best. Armed with professional technician and sales teams, Beston offers you all-around services, such as giving advices on how to build your own amusement parks, how to choose the right fairground rides for your needs, how to deliver the products smoothly, safely and quickly to you, and how to install and maintain your own carnival rides. If you have any related questions, please feel free to contact us, and we are always here for you.


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