Portable Carnival Rides for Sale

Portable carnival rides are very popular among goers of carnivals, festivals and parties. As a result, portable mechanical rides are highly sought after by showmen, who travel a lot around the country to attend local carnivals and funfairs, seasonal events, and festival activities. To meet these increasing and constant demands, Beston group makes and designs tons of portable amusement rides for you, who attach great importance to portable carnival rides. For these mobile rides can not only make huge money for you, but also give you the opportunities to tour around the country with happiness. Understanding the underlying meanings of portable rides so well, Beston offers you quality mobile rides with many styles for you. So if you want trailer mounted rides, Beston new portable carnival rides for sale cheap are your best choice.

portable amusement rides for sale
Beston Mobile Chair Swing Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Material: FRP & steel
Diameter: 8m
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Portable Carnival Rides Manufacturer Beston

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is professional portable carnival rides manufacturer in China. We provide variety of mobile rides, such as portable kids Ferris wheel rides, trailer mounted mini pirate ship rides, portable teacup rides, mobile swing chair rides and mechanical bull rides, and so on. We take every part into consideration so that our portable rides will be convenient as well as attractive. And they will be hit among your young guests in carnivals, funfairs, parties, and seasonal events. In addition, we customize portable mechanical rides according to your needs. So if you want to travel around with your new portable rides, Beston portable carnival rides for sale are your preferred choice.

Portable Mechanical Rides for Sale

Portable amusement rides in Beston are mechanical ones that entertain people by moving them in multiple ways. And these mobile rides are usually powered by either battery or electricity. Beston portable mechanical rides can entertain more guest in short period time, since they can work for long time constantly.

Portable Carousel Rides for Sale

Kids love mini carousel rides very much, so they cannot resist the temptations to have ride on your portable mini carousel rides at carnivals, funfairs, parties, and festivals. Beston portable carousel ride features 6 colorful ponies as seats, a small turntable and a central column in low height. And the whole ride is coated with beautiful paintings and decorations. Except for this attractive appearance, in order to ensure the safety, the trailer mounted carousel ride is surrounded by railings built around the turntable. And the stairs up towards the ride are also built with railings. In addition, at the four corners of the trailer, there are four steel poles that support the trailer steady while the potable mini carousel ride is moving. What’s more, the portable carousel ride can easily be attached to your cars so that you can move the ride around.

Trailer Mounted Mini Pirate Ship Manufacturer

Pirate ship rides have become the constant attractions in amusement and theme parks around the world, for people of all ages love the adventures of pirates. And the popular pirate themed movies are one of the proofs. Of course, kids are no exception when it comes to the pirate ship rides. So if you have attractive trailer mounted mini pirate ship rides drive to their nearby, the children will be very happy and call on their friends to have a ride on it. In addition, as portable mechanical rides, trailer mounted kids pirate ship rides can operate for a long time, which means that you can make your purse bulge in only one day. For the designs of Beston mobile mini pirate ship rides, Beston offers you many choices. And of course, we can customize portable mini pirate ship rides for you to meet your needs.

portable mini pirate ship rides
Beston Portable Mini Pirate Ship Rides Cheap

Model: BRMP-12A
Size: 6*4*4m
Area: 6*8m
Max swing degree: 30°
Capacity: 12 kids
Power: 5kw/380v
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Mobile Teacup Rides for Sale Cheap

Tea cup ride is a staple attraction in family areas in theme and amusement parks. And they are a hit among people almost of all ages. Beston portable teacup rides allow you to entertain them wherever you want. So if you attend local carnivals, funfairs, and festivals with your trailer mounted spinning teacup rides, people will flow to your mobile spinning teacup rides immediately. When it comes to the features of potable teacup rides in Beston, we specially design the rides to meet your needs. Firstly, the large turntable is trailer mounted, for the sides of the turntable can be fold up. Secondly, you can put the teacups between the fold up turntable. Thirdly, the internal parts of the teacups can be dismounted so that you can put them away. In all, they are so convenient for you to attend carnivals, and it takes several minutes for you to set up or dismantle. And then you dive away to your next destination. What’s more, there are many styles for you to choose from, and they also can be customized to fulfill your needs.

portable carnival rides for sale
Beston New Mobile Teacup Rides Manufacturer

Model: BRPT-6A
Size: D6mxH2.8m
Cups: 6
Power: 3.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Area: 8m*8m
Category: portable
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Other Mechanical Mobile Rides for Sale in Beston

Except for the above mentioned ones, there are many other mini portable rides in Beston for you. Colorful portable samba balloon rides, mobile bumper car rides, kids swing chair rides, portable happy swing rides, trailer mounted Miami rides, all are here. Of course, there are still other kids’ amusement rides that can be transformed as portable ones for you. So if you are looking for mobile rides that are not here, please contact us to help you out.

portable carnival rides for sale
Beston New Portable Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-32A
Capacity: 32 persons
Material: FRP & steel
Diameter: 10m
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portable carnival rides for sale cheap in Beston
Beston Mobile Flying Car Rides for Sale

Model: BRPF-8A
Capacity: 8 persons
Material: FRP & steel
Cover Area: 6m*9m
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Advantages of Beston Portable Rides

1. Easy to move. Beston mobile rides are often light enough to move around. Besides, as trailer mounted rides, what  you need to do is that you pack up first and drive away.
2. Suitable for many events. Since Beston portable rides are easy to move, you can drive your pick-up truck to attend local carnivals and funfairs, parties, festival activities, seasonal events and even rent them out.
3. Easy to setup and dismantle. Centering on conveniences, Beston portable mechanical rides are easy to  set up and dismantle. And some kinds of Beston portable rides only need you to  button down to set up. And more often than not they are equipped with portable generators.
4. Safety. Beston trailer rides are made of high quality materials and also have safety belts. Besides, we also provide railings. For our trailer mounted rides, there are railing built around the trailer.
5. Versatile styles for choose. Beston offers many kinds of portable amusement rides in different themes, colors. We customize mobile rides to fulfill your specific needs.
6. Best services. If you order amusement park rides from Beston, you will receive all around services from Beston group, from pre-sales to after-sales services.


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