Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

Giant Frisbee ride, also called pendulum swing, Frisbee ride or big pendulum, as a kind of pendulum rides, is one of the popular thrill rides that thrill-loving guests look for. The configuration of the giant Frisbee ride comprises of four gigantic legs, a pendulum hold by the four legs, and a circular gondola at the lower end of the pendulum. The circular offers dozens of suspended, and footless seats for passengers, who usually face outward. As for the ride action, when it is stared, pendulum swing ride begins to swing back and forth, and at the same time the circular gondola rotates. What’s more, the swinging angle of the Frisbee ride can reach as much as 120°. In combination, the swinging, rotation, and the footless seats give riders the exciting experience of airtime, a wonderful view of the sky and surroundings. Because of the extraordinary experience in high air, the riders usually start to scream and cheer, which not only enhance the happy atmosphere in the parks but also draw great attention of spectaculars. In light of all these outstanding features, giant Frisbee ride is a must-have in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds and funfairs. Pendulum swing ride is definitely a great addition to your profitable amusement rides businesses.

giant Frisbee ride for sale
Beston Thrill Rides Frisbee for Sale

Model: BRGF-30A
Size: 24*14*12m
Capacity:30 persons
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giant frsibee rides for sale in besotn
Beston Spinning Pendulum Swing Rides for Sale

Model: BRGF-24A
Size: 12 *10*9m
Capacity:24 persons
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Want to Buy a Giant Frisbee Ride?

Giant Frisbee ride is one of the hot selling amusement rides in Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., which is an experienced theme park rides manufacturer in China. With our own factory, Beston supplies a wide variety of family rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides and other new amusement rides for customers both at home and abroad. Different in sizes, designs, and themes, Beston amusement rides for sale are suitable for theme and amusement parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, malls, supermarkets and other location-based entertainment venues.

spinning pendulum rides cheap in Beston
Beston Pendulum Rides for Sale

giant frisbee for sale cheap
Beston Giant Spinning Pendulum Rides fro Sale

Interested in Our Giant Frisbee Rides?

Different Kinds of Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale in Beston

As for giant Frisbee rides for sale in Beston, we offer two different models according to the different drive systems. One is the top drive Frisbee rides, and the other one is under drive ones. Although they are still same in appearances, the working principles of top drive and under drive pendulum swing rides are different. With the drive system at the top of the ride, top drive Frisbee ride is more powerful than under drive one and its swing scope is greater. As a result, the top drive giant Frisbee fair rides can give more thrilling sensations and arouse greater screams of thrilling-love riders. Whereas, the under drive big pendulum rides are powered by drive systems at the ground level, which restraints the energies transmitted to the rides. So under drive giant Frisbee rides are moderate in thrill levels, and are much more stable, which are suitable for moderate-thrill lovers as well as families. One thing for sure, no matter which models, giant Frisbee rides are bound to bring fun and excitement for your guests and are big draw of your guests. Besides, except for giant Frisbee rides for adults, Beston also offers mini Frisbee rides for the needs of young children.

amusement park giant frisbee rides for sale
Beston Pendulum Swing Rides Cheap

Model: BRGF-24B
Size: 12 *10*9m
Capacity:24 persons
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buy giant frisbee rides from Beston
Beston 24-Seat Frisbee rides for Sale

Model: BRGF-24C
Size: 12 *10*9m
Capacity:24 persons
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Outstanding Features of Beston Giant Frisbee Rides for Sale

  1. Safety is always the first. First of all, the structures of Beston giant Frisbee rides for sale are made of high steel and are safe enough to meet various safety standards. Secondly, the seats are equipped with double safety belts.
  2. Reasonable prices. Well-built and affordable products are what you are pursuing and also are what Beston dedicates to providing. Common in our goals, we can cooperate to help you set up your lucrative amusement rides business.
  3. Light package and smooth music. While your guests are enjoying the airtime on your giant Frisbee rides, smooth music can ease the anxiety and let riders enjoy themselves in the air. What’s more, when the night descends, the Led lights start to shine, which can make your Frisbee fair rides visible miles away and lure more guests for your rides.
  4. Customized designs and themes. Armed with skilled technicians in our factory, Beston are able to meet your any requirements, concerning the colors, the themes, the sizes of your giant Frisbee rides.
  5. Best pre-sales and after-sales services. With professional skills, high efficiency, Beston provides all-around services for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us as long as you have any questions.

Giant Frisbee rides for sale in Beston guarantees an unforgettable ride experience for your guests and huge returns for your investment. Please feel free to ask an inquiry, and we are always here for you.

name of the productsbig pendulumbig pendulum
swing speed410m/min410m/min
Max swing±120°±120°


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