Thrill Rides for Sale

Amusement Park Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides are what thrill-lovers and adrenaline junkies look for. These thrill rides will drive their adrenaline high, make them scream, and create an unforgettable memories for them. Besides, thrill rides will draw great attention of  spectators and make them have a try. Thrill rides are must haves in any amusement and theme parks. If you want to add thrill rides attractions to your amusement rides, Beston is the preferred choice for you.

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd offers a range of thrill rides for you to choose from. We can produce classic amusement rides, such as roller coasters with multiple rings, tagada rides with 40 seats, pendulum rides including giant pirate ship rides, giant Frisbee rides and 360-degree rotary pendulum rides, and so on. Beside, we have new amusement rides available too, such as human gyroscope rides, top scan rides, breakdance rides, etc..

roller coaster for sale

Roller Coasters for Sale

Why Roller Coasters are So Popular? As all-time amusement thrill rides in theme and amusement parks, roller coasters have been the favorite of thrill-seekers. They are the rides that deliver the adrenaline and make people scream all along the way. As ...
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buy viking pirate boat rides from supplier beston

Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

What are Pirate Ship Rides? Pirate ship ride mainly consists of four steel pillars, two swing arms, a ship shaped vehicle and the platform on which riders can go on and off the ride. The four converged pillars are set ...
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spinning pendulum rides cheap in Beston

Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

Giant Frisbee ride, also called pendulum swing, Frisbee ride or big pendulum, as a kind of pendulum rides, is one of the popular thrill rides that thrill-loving guests look for. The configuration of the giant Frisbee ride comprises of four ...
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tagada rides for sale in Beston

Tagada Rides for Sale

What Makes Tagada Ride Popular among Thrill-Seekers? Tagada is a favorite amusement thrill ride of thrill-seeker. Tagada is also called disco tagada ride, because disco music will be played along the movement of the rides, which appeal greatly to young ...
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giant frsibee rides for sale in besotn

Amusement Pendulum Rides for Sale

What are Amusement Pendulum Rides? Pendulum rides, as the name implies, are amusement park rides featuring fixed pendulums. The rides are comprised of gondolas, arms and axles. The axle is often made of four inclined pillars to support the arm ...
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disco rides for sale

Disco Rides for Sale

Disco rides, also known as flying disco, UFO rides, are popular amusement thrill rides in theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, and even family entertainment centers. Beston flying disco rides are made of high quality fiberglass and steels. And the mega ...
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thrill drop tower rides for sale

Drop Tower Rides for Sale

Drop tower ride is a new centerpiece in theme and amusement parks all over the world. This, along with its various names, prove the high popularity of the ride itself. Drop tower rides for sale in Beston group are customized ...
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Kamikaze Rides for Sale

Kamikaze Rides for Sale

A Kamikaze ride, also recognized as Skymaster ride, double-arm ranger, scissors and sky flyer, is a crazy new thrill ride in Beston group. Its names are all derived from its unique appearances, with two rotating arms connected to a single ...
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Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Rockin’ tug ride, also called rock n’ rug or flying car ride, is a flat fairground ride, often found in amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based venues. Like the fairground disco ride, ...
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slingshot rides for sale

Slingshot Rides for Sale

Slingshot ride is a new extreme thrill ride in Beston amusement. This exciting slingshot ride is so popular around the world that there are many names available for the same ride: slingshot, bungee rocket, ejection seat, human slingshot bungee, reverse ...
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beston top spin rides manufacturer in China

Top Spin Rides for Sale

Top spin rides, also called space travel rides in China, are exciting thrill rides that can spin riders upside down in several sequences. As a result, the rides enjoy great popularity among thrill-seekers around the world. High popularity means great ...
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swing tower rides for sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing tower ride, also known vertical swing and flying tower, is a new centerpiece for theme and amusement parks all over the world. Although it may second to the drawing power of giant roller coasters, vertical swing rides are well ...
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fairground surf's up rides for sale cheap in Beston

Surf’s Up Rides for Sale

Surf’s up rides, also called skater rides, belong to the amusement park rides Disk’ O series. For like disco rides, surf’s up rides also feature half pipe tracks, along which passenger gondolas are traveling. Besides, due to the ocean themed ...
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beston pendulum rides for sale

360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Ride for Sale

Like giant Frisbee ride, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride, a pendulum ride, belongs to popular large thrill rides. However, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride is much more thrilling than giant Frisbee rides, because this one can swing 360 degrees, making you upside ...
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Special Features of Beston Thrill Rides for Sale

  1. Safety. Beston thrill rides are made of high qualiy materials to ensure safety. Besides, our thrill rides are equipped with safey belts and harness as required. What’s more, our thrill rides are equipped with computer monitoring systems to make the rides safe for riders.
  2. Various thrill rides available. Beston provides various thrill rides for your amusment rides businesses. So you can add different kinds of thrill rides to your businesses, and this will certainly generate more money for you.
  3. Customerized thrill rides. Beston thrill rides are customerized to meet your requirements and fit into your amsuement and theme parks.

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