The Journey of Establishing Indonesia Zoo Park Project

Exciting news! Our latest outdoor park project in Indonesia has come to fruition! From the initial inquiry to the final installation and launch, the entire journey spanned roughly 6 months. With smooth progress every step of the way, we’re thrilled to share the success of this project with you. Interested in learning more about this Indonesian park venture? Or perhaps you’re considering launching your own amusement rides business in Indonesia or elsewhere? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Beston Rides!

Project Communication

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our project manager immediately became familiar with the specifics of the project as well as the customer’s needs and budget. In July 2023, our account manager flew to Indonesia to conduct an on-site inspection and developed a customized project design plan. In September, we invited customers to visit our factory. The customers were deeply impressed by our service and professionalism, reached a friendly cooperative relationship and signed a project contract.

Factory Visit of Indonesia Customers
Factory Visit of Indonesia Customers

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Zoo park project in Indonesia

Amusement Rides Selection

Next comes the exciting overall project design phase. Taking into account the client’s site conditions and budget constraints, we carefully selected suitable amusement equipment for the zoo project. This included the Chicken Run Kiddie Train (perfectly suited to the overall theme of the zoo), Star Trek Orbit amusement rides, Crown carousel rides, VR equipment, and Box Gift Train rides, etc.  From the Chicken Run children’s train to the thrilling Star Trek track rides, these equipment are perfectly matched to the client’s venue style, colors and themes to cater for visitors of all ages.

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Zoo Park Design in Indonesia

Production, Delivery and On-site Installation

With the client’s equipment preferences finalized during their factory visit, production commenced immediately. Over the course of approximately one month, our skilled team meticulously crafted each piece of amusement equipment with precision and care. By November, all equipment was ready for shipment to Indonesia, marking a significant milestone in the project timeline.

Star Trek Rides Installation
Star Trek Rides Installation

Star Trek carnival rides in Indonesia
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As December rolled around, it was time for the eagerly awaited installation phase. With the arrival of our installation engineers on-site, the process installed smoothly. Guided by our experts, the client oversaw the installation, ensuring every detail was executed to perfection. The customer is very satisfied with the installation effect and our work.

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Train Rides Installation

On-site Installation of grift box rides
On-site Installation

Installation of Small Roller Coaster
Installation of Small Roller Coaster

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Chicken Small Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

In addition to our zoo park project in Indonesia, Beston Rides has many successful indoor playground and amusement park installations across the globe. With our comprehensive product line catering to diverse client needs, the possibilities are endless for creating unforgettable experiences worldwide. Ready to turn your amusement park dreams into reality? Contact Beston Rides today and let’s make magic happen!


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