Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars, also called dodgems, bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars, are timeless classic fairground rides loved by people from all ages both indoor and outdoor in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based entertainment venues. The plural form of the name indicates that in an entertainment venue there are usually several dodgem cars and they are turned on and off by an operator. And the essential idea of the ride is to bumper each other’s cars, which makes the ride a highly interactive one for friends and families. Besides, with the influence of law of interaction, fairground bumper cars rides give riders thrill sensations when riders bump each other in their bumper cars. In all, in light of the lasting popularity, the carnival bumper cars are loved by young and old, and are must-have for your amusement rides businesses with other rides like Ferris wheel rides, roller coasters rides, train rides, and carousel rides, and so on.

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Beston Carnival Dodgem Car Rides for Sale Cheap

Model: BRBC-2A
Capacity: 2 persons
Height: 0.9m
Power: 150W
Voltage: 24V
Loading weight: 200kg
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Where to Buy High Quality and Affordable Bumper Cars?

If you want to add one more attraction to your profitable amusement rides businesses or you determine to buy bumper cars to start your fairground rides business, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is your preferred choice with competitive pricing, all around services, and reliable, quality products. As a leading amusement rides manufacturer and designer in China, Beston offers a wide range of theme park rides for sale, ranging from spinning rides, pendulum rides, swing rides, and so on. Dodgem cars are one of the hot selling products in Beston, for bumper cars’ unique appealing to young and old all over the world. Equipped with experienced expertise, Beston manufactures and designs various-themed fairground dodgems cars for sale with competitive pricing and high reliability.

battery operated bumper cars for sale in beston
Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

Model: BRIB-1A
Battery: DC 12V, 55AH*2pcs
Car Size: φ2.1m
Material: PVC 0.9mm
Refresh time: 5 hours
Use Time: 8 hours
Speed: 7km—10km/h
Packing size: 156*156*107cm= 2.60CBM
Loading weight:200kg
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fairground bumper cars for sale in beston
Beston Dodgem Car Rides Cheap

Model: BRBC-1A
Battery: DC 12V,55AH*2pcs
Car size: φ1.9m
Loading weight:150kg
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Different Kinds of Dodgem Cars for Sale in Beston

According to the different power systems, there are two kinds of fairground dodgems for sale: the electric ones and the battery ones. While the electric ones can be further divide into two kinds: the one with a conductive floor and ceiling, the other one with an electric floor.

    1. The oldest dodgem cars are the ones with a conductive floor and ceiling. To form a complete circuit, under the fairground bumper cars, there are conductive parts to touch the floor, and on the dodgem cars there are poles attached to connect the ceiling. As a result, these kinds of bumper cars need special venues to operate. Though it seems to be a little complicated, these kinds of bumper cars are much stronger with higher impact forces, which means that it is more exciting and thrilling for thrill-seekers like young adults. Besides, as the electric can constantly power your fairground dodgem cars, amusement businesses owner can gain more profit without stopping for recharging like battery ones. What’s more, with highly interactive and thrilling sensation, these kinds of bumper cars are still favorite for young adults on parties.
    2. Compared with the above one, the dodgem cars with electric floor are simple to operate without ceilings, poles. Instead, each vehicle is equipped with two metal alternating strips below, which make contact with the electrical floor, forming a complete circuit. These kinds of bumper cars are easy to operate without compromising the strength as well as the fun of the rides
    3. The battery powered fairground dodgem bumper cars are the easiest ones to operate. For these kinds of bumper cars do not need special ceilings, floor, and they can run on common flat ground. In addition, they can recharge and discharge as you wish. And the battery can last long enough to entertain several rounds of your guests.

In all, Beston provides all these three kinds of bumper cars to suit your needs both indoor and outdoor in your theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, fairgrounds and funfairs.

new bumper cars for sale in beston
Beston Carnival Bumper Cars for Sale

Model: BRBC-2A
Capacity:2 persons
Weight: 200kg
Battery: 12V,140A
Charging time:8 hours
Using time:10 hours
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Beston Floor Grid Electric Bumper Cars fro Sale

Model: BRFD-2A
Material: FRP+steel
Input voltage: 380V, 50HZ
Output voltage: 48V
Color: can be customized
Music: MP3 or Hi-Fi
Weight: 150kg
Speed: 6-11km/h
Control: remote control
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amusement park bumper cars fro sale cheap
Beston Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale

Model: BRBC-1A
Material: Fiberglass
Speed: 7km—10km/h
Loading weight: 150kg
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Special Features of Beston Fairground Bumper Cars

Whether the electric ones or the battery ones, Beston always manufactures and sells our products with safety in mind. The vehicles, ceilings, and floors are built with great carefulness to ensure that every part is safe enough for riders as well as operators.

  1. Quality materials. To make endurable dodgem cars and make sure they can endure the impact of colliding each other, every bumper car are built with high quality materials. As for the bodies of fairground dodgem car, they are usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). And to prolong and diffuse the impact and force of the collisions, Beston fairground bumper cars for sale are often made of rubber or inflatable materials such as PVC.Different themes and colors. Beston constantly strives to serve the best for your needs, so Beston offers various options for you, and even can customize for your specific needs.
  2. LED lights. How to promote your bumpers cars? Flashing light is one of the genius way to do so. Illuminated by LED lights, Beston fairground bumper cars for sale are definitely can draw large number riders to your parks, entertainment centers.
  3. Easy maintenance. Due to the usage of high-quality materials, safe operation parts,Beston fairground dodgem cars for sale are easy to maintain, which in return reduce your maintenance and operating costs.
  4. Highly interactive. Beston fairground bumper cars for sale are highly interactive. Your guests can choose one car they like, sitting behind steering wheels or levers, they can swirl, turnaround, and collide with each other. Bumper cars guarantee great fun for friends and families.
    Great returns. In light of all the advantages above, bumper cars are great addition to your entertainment centers, drawing great amount of people and tempting them to ride once more. All this can make you generate more money for you.

beston bumper cars for sale cheap

Helpful Tips for You

With so many offerings, you may at loss and wonder how you can set up your own profitable bumper car attraction. Here are some helpful tips for you when you buy Beston bumper cars.

  1. With your budget in mind, please choose what kind of bumper cars, i.e. electric bumper cars, battery operated dodgem cars.
  2. Decide you want to have an indoor or outdoor venue for bumper cars.
  3. Determine the consistent themes and colors of your bumper cars.
  4. Decide what sizes of dodgem cars you want, which in turn determines your targeted guests, because Beston offers wide range of different bumper cars in different sizes, such as kiddie bumper cars, bumper cars for adults.


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