360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Ride for Sale

Like giant Frisbee ride, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride, a pendulum ride, belongs to popular large thrill rides. However, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride is much more thrilling than giant Frisbee rides, because this one can swing 360 degrees, making you upside down in the high air! A must-have thrill ride for thrill-seekers as well as owners of theme and amusement parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, midways. The ride is made of four inclined pillars, a revolving arm, a counterweight at the higher end of the arm, and a gondola with many seats available at the lower end of the arm. Simple as they are separately, the combination of the parts guarantee an unforgettable and thrilling ride experience. As for the ride actions, 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride includes the rotation of the circular gondola, the swing back and forth of the arm, and the inversion swinging of the arm. These combined offer your guests extremely thrilling ride experience.

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360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Rides for Sale

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Beston Amusement Park 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Rides for sale

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Cannot Wait to Buy a 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Ride?

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is your ideal choice in qualities, prices and services. Beston supplies various kinds of fairground rides, like kiddie rides, thrill rides, family rides for customers at home and abroad. 360° rotary big pendulum ride for sale in Beston are available for several themes, offer extraordinary thrill effect for your guests. At first, when the 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride is started, the circular gondola begins to spin slowly, and the arm swings back and forth slowly, giving the riders the expectation of greater thrill effects. Then, with increased speed and stronger momentum, the ride starts to swing in larger and larger swing angels. And eventually, the spinning circular gondola are swung in an inversion position, with the riders facing downwards. Throughout the ride experience, facing outward, the riders move from right-side up to upside down, with their feet dangling in the air. The combined ride actions give riders the sensation of weightlessness, flying in the air, and dazzling feelings. These 360-degree are big draw of guests for your theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, midways, carnivals. This is one piece of amusement ride both you and your guests don’t want to miss.

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Beston Well-Built 360-Degree Rotary Pendulum Rides

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Beston Amusement Ride 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee

Interested in Our 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Rides?

Special Features of Beston 360-Degree Rotary Frisbee Ride for Sale

  1. High safety standard. The thriller the ride is, the more safe it needs to. Highly aware of this, Beston spares on efforts to ensure every part of our 360-degree rotary Frisbee rides meets safety quality by using high-quality steel and other materials. As for the harnesses on the seats, 360-degree rotary Frisbee rides are equipped with automatic overhead steel lap bar and safety belts. After safety is confirmed, your guests can freely enjoy the thrilling ride experience.
  2. Customized designs. According to your needs, Beston strives to offer you’re the perfect products for you, in matter of different sizes, capacities, themes, colors. Your needs are Beston’s tasks.
  3. LED packages. Equipped with LED packages, your 360-degree rotary Frisbee ride becomes a charming ride in your theme and amusement parks, and will be visible from far away, tempting them to your parks.
  4. Best services. Having our own skilled technician team and sales teams, Beston can provide you all-around professional information and technologies about our products, advices on how to design your parks or how to set up a profitable amusement rides business. We are looking forward to your contact.
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Amusement Park 360-Degree Rotation Pendulum Rides


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