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Nowadays, amusement parks are popular destinations of entertainment worldwide. On weekends and holidays, families and friends will go to amusement parks to treat themselves and relax from daily work. Amusement park rides are inseparable parts of amusement park, providing great joy to amusement park goers, young and old. From thrill rides to slow moving kiddie rides, various amusement park rides can satisfy the needs of riders as well as draw great attention of spectators. As a lucrative business, amusement park rides are something you cannot miss for you to start or to add attractions to existing businesses.

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Amusement Park Equipment Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

As a top amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd dedicates to producing a wide range of amusement rides and equipment. In the past few years, we have provided products and services to customers all over the world. And we also have won the recognition of our customers. For more information, please see cases.

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Outdoor Amusement Park Design from Beston

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Indoor Amusement Center Design in Beston

Beston is a Professional Designer for Indoor and Outdoor Parks!

As a serious player in amusement rides area, Beston pays great attention to high quality products and best services. For Beston understands that only high quality amusement rides and all around services can help us establish long term business relationship with our customers. Besides, well built rides can also generate long term revenues for our customers. So it is a win-win strategy to provide high quality carnival rides and good services for our customers. As for the price, Beston can offer you competitive pricing, because all our products are built and assembled in our own factory.

In addition, if you want to build your own amusement park, Beston is willing to help you. Our experienced expertise will help design and build the perfect amusement parks to you.

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Amusement Park Design in Beston

Beston group is a professional manufacturer of various amusement park rides in China. With rich experience and great staff, Beston can not only provide you a great variety of amusement rides, but also design theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, ...
Spherical screen stereoscopic cinema for sale

How to Start Your Own Amusement Park?

The amusement park industry has been profitable in the last several decades. This popularity has been due to the economic as well as technological development worldwide. On the economy term, large companies such as Disney, have invested heavily on the ...
inflatable water rides for sale

How To Maintain Amusement Park Rides?

Maintaining amusement park rides is critical for the general user-safety and for the longevity of the rides. In this regard, it is important for everyone running an amusement park to have a maintenance plan and follow it through. This will ...

Popular Amusement Rides for Sale in Beston

Kiddie rides. Children love amusement rides in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, funfair, family entertainment centers, malls, and so on. From coin operated kiddie rides to children mini roller coaster, Beston offers a variety of kiddie rides to entertain your young guests. Miniature Carousel rides with 3 to 6 seats will give children the experience of riding galloping horses. Kid Bumper cars will bring a little bit thrill to the youngster and let them drive their cars. Small roller coaster rides will bring great fun for young riders. Besides, there are many other kiddie rides, such as robot rides, spray ball rides, fighting shark water rides, kids spinning rides, mini tagada rides, ocean walk rides, kids mini Ferris wheel, portable carnival rides and so on. Specially designed for the needs of children, Beston kiddie rides move in children-friendly speeds, have novel decorations. So popular the kiddie rides are, they are great additions to your profitable amusement rides businesses.

coin operated mall kids rides for sale

Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

As the name implies, coin operated kiddie rides are easy to operate, and a coin can activate the children’s rides and give fun to young children. As a main kind of kiddie rides, coin-operated children rides are widely available in ...
children's carousel rides cheap in BESTON

Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

Indoor Mini Carousel Rides for Sale Kiddie carousel rides, kids merry go round rides or children’s roundabout rides, are specially designed for the needs of young children, for the children’s carnival carousel rides are of moderate or small sizes and ...
battery bumper cars for kids in beston

Kids Bumper Cars for Sale

Why Kids Bumper Cars are Extraordinary Additions to Your Amusement Rides Businesses? Kids love movable cars! As a kind of fantastic kiddie rides, kiddie bumper cars are defined for the needs of kids. Loved by children and adults alike, dodgem ...
beston carnival miniature ferris wheel for sale

Mini Ferris wheel for Sale

As a timeless classic, Ferris wheels are the favorite of young and old. As a kind of kiddie rides, mini Ferris wheel are designed for the needs of kids. Compared with Ferris wheels in large sizes, miniature Ferris wheels are ...
mini spinning pendulum rides manufacturer Beston

Mini Frisbee Rides for Sale

What are Mini Frisbee Rides for Kids? As scaled down giant Frisbee rides, mini Frisbee rides are specially defined for the needs of young children. As a kind of kiddie rides, mini Frisbee rides can be considered as one of ...
amusement park mini tagada rides cheap in BESTON

Mini Tagada Rides for Sale

As a kind of kiddie rides with a little bit thrill factor, mini tagada rides,small version of medium and giant tagada rides, are designed for the needs of young children. However, because of the strong bearing capacity, both children and ...
buy mini pirate boat from Beston

Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What are Small Pirate Ship Rides So Popular? Small pirate ship is a popular kiddie rides loved by young children in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, malls and other family entertainment centers. And children pirate ship is actually a ...
buy a miniature roller coaster from beston

Small Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Small roller coaster rides are specially defined for the needs of young children, riding in the open cars along the track set on ground level or with limited heights. And unlike many typical roller coaster rides that are self-power, these ...

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Family rides. Families usually go to amusement and theme parks, carnivals on weekends or holidays to enjoy themselves. Family rides are designed so that the whole family can enjoy time together. In consideration of the young and old in the family, family rides are often moderate in speed and thrill level. As a top amusement rides manufacturer, Beston provides classic family rides to our customers, such as Ferris wheel, teacup rides, bumper cars, small roller coaster, carousel rides, samba balloon rides, jellyfish rides, self-control rotary plane rides, train rides and so on.

new bumper cars for sale in beston

Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars, also called dodgems, bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars, are timeless classic fairground rides loved by people from all ages both indoor and outdoor in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, malls, family entertainment centers and ...
Beston carousel rides to buy

Fairground Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel, also called roundabout or merry-go-round, is a classic amusement ride made of a rotating circular platform and various animal-formed seats for riders. As an all-time amusement family rides, carnival carousel rides are widely found in amusement parks, theme parks, ...
buy ferris wheel rides from manufacturer Beston

Ferris Wheel for Sale

Although it belongs to thrill rides, Ferris wheel might not have the thrills. Ferris wheel, also called big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel for large ones, has been a staple in theme and amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs, family entertainment ...
octopus amusement park rides for sale in BESTON

Octopus Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Brief Introduction to Octopus Ride Octopus ride is a kind of popular family rides loved by both children and adults in amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers, funfairs, carnivals. From the appearances, everyone can tell why it is called ...
kiddie rides self-control bee rides

Self-Control Rotary Rides for Sale

Self-control rotary rides are amusement park rides belong to both family rides and kiddie rides. The ride is a hit among children and adults alike in amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals, even shopping malls. Unlike jump and ...
teacup amusement rides manufacturer Beston

Tea Cup Rides for Sale

The tea cup ride, also called tea pot ride, spinning teacups, is one of the all-time classic family rides in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers, malls and other location-based entertainment venues. As for the configuration the ...
antique amusement park trackless train rides cheap in BESTON

Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Why Trackless Train Rides are Good for Your Business? Trackless Train Ridse for Sale in Beston! Unlike miniature train rides for kids which usually has tracks, trackless train rides get rid of tracks all together, while offer the same leisure ...
Beston miniature track train rides

Miniature Train Rides for Sale

Hop aboard please. The conductor is shouting, for the miniature train ride for kids is leaving for a happy journey. Kids love train rides so much, and that’s why you can find mini train rides in theme and amusement parks, ...
mechanical bull rides for sale

Mechanical Bull Rides for Sale

Mechanical bull ride, also called rodeo bull, is a mechanical ride to simulate the riding of a bucking bull. As a routine training devices for rodeo cowboy, mechanical bull rides are popularized amusement rides for people, and give them the ...
buy quality kangaroo rides from Beston

Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale

Kangaroo jump ride, also called as kangaroo jumping ride, happy kangaroo jump ride, is one of the popular family rides in Beston group. Featuring adorable yellowish kangaroos, Beston kangaroo jump rides are attractive in appearances. In addition, these cute kangaroos ...
samba balloon rides manufacturer in China Beston

Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

The minute your guests see the samba balloon rides, they will like the rides! First and foremost, the brightly colorful decorations on the samba balloon rides will cheer people up, and lure people of almost all ages to have a ...
quality sightseeing space walk rides for sale

Sightseeing Space Walk Rides for Sale

When it comes to spacewalk, most people think of astronauts in the space. However, here I want to introduce to you the Beston sightseeing space walk rides, and they are also called space walking rides. They are actually theme and amusement ...

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Thrill rides. Amusement rides with high speeds and high thrill levels are what thrill-lovers seek. To meet this kind of need, Beston manufactures roller coasters, disco rides,  pendulum rides, Tagada rides, and top spin rides, slingshot bungee rides, swing tower rides, kamikaze rides, Ferris ring car rides, etc. for your amusement rides businesses.

roller coaster for sale

Roller Coasters for Sale

Why Roller Coasters are So Popular? As all-time amusement thrill rides in theme and amusement parks, roller coasters have been the favorite of thrill-seekers. They are the rides that deliver the adrenaline and make people scream all along the way. As ...
tagada rides for sale in Beston

Tagada Rides for Sale

What Makes Tagada Ride Popular among Thrill-Seekers? Tagada is a favorite amusement thrill ride of thrill-seeker. Tagada is also called disco tagada ride, because disco music will be played along the movement of the rides, which appeal greatly to young ...
spinning pendulum rides cheap in Beston

Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

Giant Frisbee ride, also called pendulum swing, Frisbee ride or big pendulum, as a kind of pendulum rides, is one of the popular thrill rides that thrill-loving guests look for. The configuration of the giant Frisbee ride comprises of four ...
buy viking pirate boat rides from supplier beston

Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

What are Pirate Ship Rides? Pirate ship ride mainly consists of four steel pillars, two swing arms, a ship shaped vehicle and the platform on which riders can go on and off the ride. The four converged pillars are set ...

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Quality New Amusement Park Rides for Sale

As a professional manufacturer of carnival rides, Beston offers a wide range of fairground rides and equipment. For example, we provide thrill rides for thrill-seekers, popular family rides for the whole family, and colorful kiddie rides for children. According to the ride actions, Beston makes spinning rides such as carousels, pendulum rides, roller coasters, Ferris wheel, amusement park trains, bumper cars, self rotary plane rides, and so on. All of our amusement rides are not only of high quality, but also are beautiful in appearances. Safety, attractive appearances and great fun are outstanding features of Beston amusement rides for sale. Besides, all our amusement rides can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

quality chair swing rides for sale

Chair Swing Rides for Sale

Chair swing rides are also called as flying swing rides, swing carousel rides, swinger, yo-yo, etc. As a combination of simple chairs and carousels, swing carousel rides are long standing amusement rides favored by kids and adults. As a result, ...
disco rides for sale

Disco Rides for Sale

Disco rides, also known as flying disco, UFO rides, are popular amusement thrill rides in theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, and even family entertainment centers. Beston flying disco rides are made of high quality fiberglass and steels. And the mega ...
quality family roller coasters cheap in Beston

Family Roller Coasters for Sale

Roller coasters, along with carousel rides, Ferris wheel rides, are classic amusement rides in theme and amusement parks. And when it comes to roller coasters, people often think of high steeps, high speed, and screaming. Here I want to introduce ...
beston top spin rides manufacturer in China

Top Spin Rides for Sale

Top spin rides, also called space travel rides in China, are exciting thrill rides that can spin riders upside down in several sequences. As a result, the rides enjoy great popularity among thrill-seekers around the world. High popularity means great ...
Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Rockin’ tug ride, also called rock n’ rug or flying car ride, is a flat fairground ride, often found in amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based venues. Like the fairground disco ride, ...
quality double flying paratrooper rides at low prices

Paratrooper Rides for Sale

As a popular amusement ride, paratrooper ride, is also called parachute ride or umbrella ride, named for its umbrella-covered seats. It is a rotating fairground ride with an oblique angle. It combines thrill with fun, bringing extraordinary airtime experience to ...
carnival trackless train rides manufacturer Beston

Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale Cheap in Beston group. Tooting, tooting, be quick, because the Beston colorful all-time classic train packed with young and old people is leaving. Hauled by a locomotive, sized-down train carriages start to move slowly ...
giant frsibee rides for sale in besotn

Amusement Pendulum Rides for Sale

What are Amusement Pendulum Rides? Pendulum rides, as the name implies, are amusement park rides featuring fixed pendulums. The rides are comprised of gondolas, arms and axles. The axle is often made of four inclined pillars to support the arm ...

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Indoor Amusement Park Rides for Sale

With great popularity of theme and amusement parks, people eager to escape their busy life by satiating their appetites for adventures, thrills in amusement and theme parks. Since the operation of outdoor amusement parks still highly dependent on weather,  indoor amusement parks are on the rise to meet the constant needs of theme park goers. Just like outdoor amusement parks, indoor amusement parks feature thrill rides for thrill-seekers, such as indoor family roller coasters, attractive family rides, indoor playgrounds for children and other popular kiddie rides.  Due to the limited dimension of indoor amusement parks, some indoor amusement rides are customized. For indoor amusement rides, Beston group offers tons of kiddie rides with small footprints, great popular family rides, and theme park water rides, and so on.

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Features of Beston Amusement Rides for Sale

  1.  Top quality materials. To make well-built amusement rides, Beston uses high quality and Eco-friendly materials to build our carnival rides.
  2.  Proved safety. Each product of our amusement rides will go through many times of test during the process, and will go through a commissioning test while finished.
  3.  Competitive pricing. Since all the products are built and assembled in our own factory, Beston can offer you lower prices than our competitors.
  4. Best services. Beston provides best all around pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have any question about the products, installment, shipping, we are always here for you.

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Several Tips for Your Own Amusement Park Designs

  1. Check out for your budget firstly.  Grand your ambition is, budget is the first thing to consider, because the more budget you have, the grander and more sophisticated your amusement parks are.
  2. The combination of senses together. Fantasy, sights, sounds, smells are all important components contributing to the attractive appearances and charm of amusement rides and other activities your amusement and theme parks.
  3. Visual emphasis is of vital importance. Visual appealing in your theme parks can enhance the ceremonial experience in your amusement parks, and thus help draw more guests to your amusement parks, and as a result generate great money to you.
  4. Way-finding in your amusement parks. In  order to lead guests to their desired areas in your amusement parks, you have to design the paths in the amusement parks with great cares. What’ s more, if you have a large amusement parks with lots of guests, you must provide amusement park train rides to transport people from one area to another.
  5. Last but not the least, Beston group, with professional techniques, is here to help you with the design of your outdoor and indoor amusement and theme parks. According to your budget, Beston will offer you the best.