Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Rockin’ tug ride, also called rock n’ rug or flying car ride, is a flat fairground ride, often found in amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based venues. Like the fairground disco ride, rockin’ tug ride move along half-pipe track. The difference lies in that the flying car ride has a friction wheel, while the disco ride is powered driven. Beston rockin’ tug rides for sale are of high quality, and are well received by people almost of all ages.

rockin' tug rides for sale
Beston Amusement Flying Car Rides for Sale

Model: BRFC-12A
Capacity:12 p
Speed: 1.95m/s
Motor: 2 motors
Main motor: 11 kw
Track width: 2.05 m
Rotate motor: 3 kw
Color: customized
Height: 4 m
Material: FRP & Steel
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Beston Magic Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

As a top manufacturer of theme park rides, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in producing, designing tons of attractive amusement rides for customers all over the world. Beston magic rock n’ rides have two models available. One is the popular one that featured a tugboat shaped gondola. The other one is a new darling of amusement rides businesses, featuring sports cars, or other awesome looking cars. Both two of the models have proved to be hit among people almost of all ages. And they are well welcomed by amusement rides industry.

popular rockin' tug amusement park rides cheap in Beston
Beston Flying Car Rides for Sale

Model: BRFC-8A
Size: 6*4 m
Area: 6*10m
Height: 2 m
Power:6 kw
Voltage: 380 V
Capacity: 8 persons
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Rockin’ Tug Boat Ride Manufacturer in China Beston

Beston rock n’ tug boat ride has a tugboat shaped gondola. And there are several rows of seats on the both sides of the ride. In addition, with backdrop paintings of seas, waves, all these give riders the impression that they were sailing on the seas.

Beston Rockin’ Tug Amusement Car Rides

Except for the rock n tug rides, Beston also provides a variety of car-featured rockin’ n tug rides, knowing as flying car rides. Fantastic sports cars, cool looking BMW cars, are main attractive features of the rides. As for the movements, these flying car rides have the same extraordinary ride actions. Sitting in the cars, riders will feel the roaring of the air, as if they are driving in the open air with high speed. Besides, the riders may have the illusion that they are doing some stunt work in studios! How fantastic it is!

Beston manufacturer of rockin tug amusement rides
Beston Funfair Flying Car Rides for Sale

Model: BRRT-8A
Capacity:8 persons
Size: 6*4m
Area: 8*6m
Height: 2m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v
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quality rockin' tug theme park rides
Beston Cool Rock N’ Tug Rides Cheap

Model: BRRT-8B
Capacity:8 persons
Size: 6*4m
Area: 8*6m
Height: 2m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v
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The Exciting Movements of Beston Flying Car Rides

Beston rock n tug ride comprises of a platform for riders to step on, a concave arc shaped track, and a car or a boat shaped gondola. When the ride starts, the car or boat will rocking back and forth along the track, while at the same time, the car or the boat will rotate in 360 degrees, rotating around its center. The combination of rocking and spinning will make riders dizzy. For car featured rock n’ tug rides, riders may have the feeling that they were roaring on the road with high speed. While for rockin’ tug boat rides, riders may have the experience that they were on the seas.

quality flying car rides cheap in beston
Beston Carnival Flying Car Rides Manufacturer

Model: BRRT-12A
Capacity: 12 seats
Size: 6*4m
Area: 6*10m²
Height: 2m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
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rock n' tug rides manufacturer in China Beston
Beston Sea Themed Rockin’ Tug Rides for Sale

Model: BRSR-8A
Size: 10*5m
Capacity: 8 persons
Power: 6.8kw
Voltage: 380v
Top height: 3.6m
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Special Features of Beston Rock N’ Tug Amusement Rides

  1. No special foundation is needed. Beston rockin’ tug rides don’t need to build special foundation. This saves your money for construction of foundations. And all you need is a small area of flat ground to put the rides on. And then the rides can start to operate, generating great money for you.
  2. Small footprints. Compared to many amusement rides, Beston flying car rides occupy much less space, so that you can make great use of your precious space in your venues.
  3. Great fun. Rocking forth and back, spinning in 360 degrees, these will make your guests dizzy and excited.
  4. Top quality materials. Beston built flying car rides are of high quality, because they are made of high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic, steels and paintings. All these will make sure that Beston rockin’ tug rides are great long term money makers for you.
  5. All around services. Beston group provides one-stop services for you. From helping you with the design of your parks to shipping your carnival rides to your sites, Beston, as your reliable businesses partner, is always here for you.
Model NameRockin’ Tug Amusement Rides
Power3kw/ 50 or 60Hz
Voltage380 v
Capacity16 p
Cover Area12*5m
PaintAnti-rust paint & automobile paint


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