Wipeout Ride for Sale

Wipeout ride has many alternative names, such as Trabant, Mexican hat, hully gully ride, ballerina ride, wagon wheel, razzle dazzle, casino and super satellite. These names, to some extent, prove that wipeout ride is so popular in amusement and theme parks around the world. Besides, these names can give people hints of how the ride works and looks: When the ride starts, it is like ballerina dancing; for its looking, it seems to be a Mexican hat, or wagon wheel, or super satellite. In light of this high popularity, hully gully ride is great addition to your theme and amusement parks. Carnival wipeout ride for sale in Beston is of high quality with discounted prices.

Wipeout Ride for Sale
Beston Wipe Out Carnival Rides for Sale

Model: BRHG-30A
Area: 9*9m
Power: 11.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Height: 5m
Capacity: 30 persons
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Exactly How Wipeout Ride Works?

The Mexican hat ride is consisted of a giant flat wheel with passenger seats around the rim. For the centers of the wheel, there are some different decorations, which can determine the different themes of your razzle dazzle rides. When it comes to the power systems, the wipeout ride is powered by the motor under the ride to raise up and down. For some ballerina rides, the motor is put below ground level. And when the ride starts, the stretching arm powered by motor will raise the wheel to certain angels. For others, the motor is built in a platform of half meters high.

Wipeout Ride for Sale
Beston Hully Gully Rides for Sale

Model: BRHG-40A
Area: 20m*17m
Total power: 118Kw
Height: 4.8m
Raising height: 9.1m
Voltage: 380V/220v,50Hz
Capacity: 40 persons
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At first, the hully gully ride will spin horizontally. And then the stretching arm will put the whole ride in certain angel. Next, the whole ride will fluctuate in a wavelike manner. At this time, the underneath stretching arm moves in different directions with the giant wheel. That is, while the arm spins in clockwise direction, the wheel rotates in counter clockwise direction.

Wipeout Ride for Sale
Beston Kids Wipeout Rides Supplier

Model: BRBR-20A
Area: 7.5*7.5m
Power: 8kw
Voltage: 380v
Height: 3m
Capacity: 20 persons
Speed: 24rmp
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Extraordinary Experiences on Beston Super Satellite Rides

Since the wipeout carnival ride moves in wavelike manner, riders can feel that they were about to wipe out of their seats. And this definitely give riders the sense of thrill as well as fun. And due to the fact that the ride constantly move sideways, each two parallel seat must have a pair of riders to balance.  To ensure the safety, each rider have safety belts. Besides, two riders in parallel seats share a lap bar. Moving like waves, the ride give riders the impression that they were sitting on a spinning gyro, spinning forever. What’s more, when the hully gully ride is moving like waves, riders may feel that the ride is not so fast. However, when the ride is about to stop, due to forces, riders can feel that their bodies are pushing outside the cars.

Wipeout Ride for Sale
Beston Fairground Ballerina Rides Manufacturer

Model: BRWO-24A
Area: 8*8m
Power: 8kw
Voltage: 380v
Height: 3m
Capacity: 24 persons
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The Differences between Hully Gully Rides and Ballerina Rides

In fact, these two rides belong to the same category. And the only difference lies in the decorations. Ballerina ride often features a ballerina female dancer in the center of the giant wheel, while hully gully ride do not. For the ballerina ride, the wheel looks like the ballerina dancer’s beautiful dress. And when the giant wheel begins to turn around, it looks like the ballerina dancer is elegantly dancing around. How beautiful it is!

DescriptionBallerina Ride & Hully Gully Ride & Wipeout Rides
Capacity24 persons
Cover Areadiameter 8m
LightsLED lights

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