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Wipeout ride, which is also called Fire Phoenix Ride, is a new model of spinning amusement park rides, which is popular in amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, playgrounds, and some indoor entertainment center. It is wise to invest in this equipment for investors who want to win in the amusement industry.

It combines beautiful music, attractive design and modern themes with the thrilling experience, making it more welcomed and popular among children and adults! The wipeout ride for sale in Beston is of high quality with discounted prices.

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Fire Phoenix Ride in Beston Factory

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Popular wipeout ride - Beston fire phoenix ride
Beston Wipeout Ride for Sale

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What Do You Know About Beston Wipeout Ride?

Other Wipeout Names:

It has many alternative names, such as Big Disk, Fire Phoenix, Trabant ride, Mexican hat, hully gully ride, ballerina ride, wagon wheel, razzle dazzle, casino and super satellite. These names, to some extent, prove that wipeout ride is so popular in amusement and theme parks around the world.

Besides, these names can give people hints of how the ride works and looks: When the ride starts, it is like ballerina dancing; for its looking, it seems to be a Mexican hat, or wagon wheel, or super satellite.

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride Parameters:

Product: Fire Phoenix(Big disk foundation)
Model: BLH-TP32A
Power: 68kW
Input Voltage: 380V
Operating Diameter: φ11.8m
Area covered: 14*16m
Maximum Passenger Capacity: 32 persons
Equipment category: Class B (China Provincial Inspection)

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride Photos:

The followings are photos of fire phoenix ride in the day and at night, and all photos of the ride is beautiful and attractive. And also it always attract visitors’ attention in the amusement and theme parks!

popular Wipeout Ride for Sale
Beston Fire Phoenix Ride to buy
quality Beston Fire Phoenix Ride for sale
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Fire Phoenix Ride Structure
Fire Phoenix Ride installation
popular Wipeout Ride for Sale Beston Fire Phoenix Ride to buy quality Beston Fire Phoenix Ride for sale Beston Fire Phoenix Ride with the best price Wipeout Ride manufacturer Wipeout amusement rides price Fire Phoenix Ride Structure Fire Phoenix Ride installation

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Beston Fire Phoenix Ride Structure:

Our Fire Phoenix ride, equipped with a big round chassis which is 24 seats in total, can rotate circle by circle, while passengers can adjust the speed according to their personal preference. Besides, The whole ride is consist of thousands of LED lights, which is very beautiful and brilliant, and especially at night, can catch passengers’ eyes at first sight.

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride price
Fire Phoenix Ride Details

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Fire Phoenix Ride Material

Beston wipeout thrill rides
Beston Wipeout Ride Details

Fire Phoenix Ride raw material
Wipeout Ride Material

There is no doubt that it is a hot sale and welcomed ride among investors and passengers, which means that it is wise to inst in this amusement equipment. In light of this high popularity, Fire Phoenix ride is great addition to your theme and amusement parks.

Videos of Beston Fire Phoenix Ride in the Park and Factory

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Main Features of Beston Fire Phoenix Ride:

  • High quality. All equipment in Beston are manufactured with excellent quality materials with global standards.
  • Double safety measures. Passengers in each cabin are protected by double safety measures, which can fully guarantee the safety of all riders. They are fixed in the cabins equipped with safety bars and seat belt.
  • Hydraulic transmission: Beston fire phoenix ride adopts hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic power unit is the main power to drive the movement and spinning of this theme theme park ride.
  • Customization available. The color and theme can be customized according to customers’ demands.
  • Attractive design and decoration: The lifelike decoration on the top of the equipment is just like a phoenix reborn from a fire, and soaring into the sky, which can add attract visitors’ attention.
  • Durable FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic): The FRP of Beston fire phoenix is durable, smooth without crack, has uniform tone, anti-corrosion, environmental friendly, etc..

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride – Customer Feedback

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride has been exported to many countries, such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and so on. The followging photos and videos are customer feedback from Indonesia!

Fire Phoenix Ride for sale in Indonesia
Beston Fire Phoenix Ride in Indonesia

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Why Does Beston Fire Phoenix Ride Use Hydraulic Transmission?

  1. Small volume and weight. Compared with the motor with the same power, the size is only 10% of the common motor.
  2. The smaller inertia force means to be more safe. It will not produce too big impact force when it overloads or stops suddenly.
  3. Long service life. It uses the hydraulic oil as the transmission medium and the relative moving surfaces can lubricate with each other, which can reduce the abrasion and last long.
  4. Easy to operate and high degree of automation.
  5. It is easy to accomplish the overload protection function.
  6. Easy to control the direction. There is no need to change the motor direction to realize the spinning and linear reciprocating motion.
  7. Stepless Speed Regulating. The speed can be adjusted automatically and smoothly in a certain range.
  8. The hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are connected by the oil tube and there is no strict limitation for the space layout.
  9. The hydraulic power unit is relatively standard, which is convenient to design and use.

Exactly How Wipeout Ride Works?

The wipe out thrill ride is consisted of a giant flat wheel with passenger seats around the rim. For the centers of the wheel, there are some different decorations, which can determine the different themes of your fire phoenix rides.

When it comes to the power systems, the wipeout ride is powered by the hydraulic motor under the ride to raise up and down. For some wipeout carnival rides, the motor is put below ground level.

  • And when the ride starts, the stretching arm powered by motor will raise the wheel to certain angels. For others, the motor is built in a platform of half meters high.
  • At first, this ride will spin horizontally.
  • And then the stretching arm will put the whole ride in certain angel.
  • Next, the whole ride will fluctuate in a wavelike manner.
  • At this time, the underneath stretching arm moves in different directions with the giant wheel. That is, while the arm spins in clockwise direction, the wheel rotates in counter clockwise direction.

Extraordinary Experiences on Beston Wipeout Fair Ride:

  • Since the wipeout carnival ride moves in wavelike manner, riders can feel that they were about to wipe out of their seats. And this definitely give riders the sense of thrill as well as fun.
  • And due to the fact that the ride constantly move sideways, each two parallel seat must have a pair of riders to balance. To ensure the safety, each rider have safety belts.
  • Besides, two riders in parallel seats share a lap bar.
  • Moving like waves, the ride give riders the impression that they were sitting on a spinning gyro, spinning forever.
  • What’s more, when the hully gully ride is moving like waves, riders may feel that the ride is not so fast. However, when the ride is about to stop, due to forces, riders can feel that their bodies are pushing outside the cars.

Beston Fire Phoenix Ride Prospect:

Beston fire phoenix turntable is a new type of gyro-type amusement equipment for parks, carnivals, fairs. As a new amusement rides in Beston factory, it covers small areas and can hold more passengers, which makes it widely welcomed among our investors.

As The main mode of operation is gyro-rotation, the unique operating mode and the high speed rotation makes passengers can’t help screaming all the way on the ride. The thrilling experience can increase the atmosphere in the parks and bring more customers for investors.

Differences between Hully Gully Rides and Ballerina Rides

In fact, these two rides belong to the same category. And the only difference lies in the decorations. Ballerina ride often features a ballerina female dancer in the center of the giant wheel, while hully gully ride do not. For the ballerina ride, the wheel looks like the ballerina dancer’s beautiful dress. And when the giant wheel begins to turn around, it looks like the ballerina dancer is elegantly dancing around. How beautiful it is!

Interested in our Fire Phoenix Ride or Wipeout Ride? Please feel free to contact Beston to get the fair price!


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