Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What are Small Pirate Ship Rides So Popular?

Small pirate ship is a popular kiddie rides loved by young children in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, malls and other family entertainment centers. And children pirate ship is actually a sized down version of pirate ship ride of pendulum rides. Mini pirate ship ride is swung back and forth with the drive system, with impact on the friction track underside the boat. As the speed slowly accelerates, the small pirate ship ride can safely swing the young children in higher air, which gives the youngsters a sensation of weightlessness, similar to the experience of riding children swing chairs. Smaller as they are in sizes, small pirate ship rides ensure a broad guest appeal for young children of all ages.

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Beston Popular Kids Pirate Ship for Sale

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Beston Portable Miniature Pirate Ship Rides Cheap

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Where to Buy Small Pirate Ship Rides?

If you want to purchase mini pirate ship rides for children, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., your ideal choice, whether in matter of the quality of amusement parks rides or the prices. Having several years of manufacturing and selling amusement rides at home and abroad, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., are skilled in manufacturing and providing your professional advice and services for you profitable amusement rides business. As for small pirate ship rides, Beston supplies a wide range of children pirate ship rides in different sizes, themes, and designs. If you have no exact ideas for your needs, we will consider every factors, such as your budget, the places where you want to put the rides, and your guest sources, etc., to make the best choice for you. Besides, if you have any specific requirements, Beston will spare no efforts to meet your needs.

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Beston Kiddie Small Pirate Ship for Sale

Model: BRPS-8A
Size: 4*2.2*3.5
Max swing degree: 45°
Capacity: 8 kids
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Beston Amusement Kiddie Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-16A
Size: 8*6*6
Max swing degree: 45°
Capacity: 16 kids
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Beston Kids Amusement Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-12A
Size: 6*4*4
Max swing degree: 45°
Capacity: 12 kids
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Special Features of Beston Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

  1. Safety is ensured. To ensure to safety of the mini pirate ship rides for children, each part of the rides is carefully designed and made. The boat shaped gondolas are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, the supporting structures of the rides are built of welded steel, and decorative paintings on the whole rides are thick enough to meet certain standards and are unfading. Besides, the rows of seats in the gondolas are comfortable and safe with safety belts.
  2. Various small pirate ship rides available. Beston kids pirate ship rides for sale offer different models according to the themes, designs, capacities. In addition, Beston offers trailered kids pirate ship rides. No matter which models, Beston endeavors to manufacture well-built amusement rides.
  3. Attractive appearances. Since young children love vibrant colors, novel designs, or cartoon figures, Beston kids pirate ship rides for sale vary in designs and themes, and can be customized to meet the needs of your targeted guests. In all, children pirate ship rides for sale in Beston are suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, family entertainment centers with various theming options.
  4. Portable pirate ship rides. As for the trailered children pirate ship rides, except for all the advantages enjoyed by fixed mini pirate ship rides, they are more portable and suitable for your backyard, where you can have great family time. Or you can just travel to funfairs, carnivals, wherever there are a lot of people to attract the attention of small kids. In light of the popularity of the small pirate ship rides for children, one piece of this ride in your parks will definitely be a great draw for young children of all ages, and in return, you will get revenues in great amount.
  5. Light equipment and music players. All the kids pirate ship rides for sale in Beston are equipped with LED lights, which can turn the nights as a fairyland for children. Besides, children favorite music will also be played while the young children are enjoying themselves on the rides.
  6. Competitive pricing. Attention! Except for all the advantages mentioned above, affordable price is another further outstanding advantage of Beston small pirate ship rides for sale. All in all, Beston is your best choice for purchasing small pirate ship rides for children and other fairground rides with high quality at reasonable prices.
Max swing degree45°45°45°

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