Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

What are Pirate Ship Rides?

Pirate ship ride mainly consists of four steel pillars, two swing arms, a ship shaped vehicle and the platform on which riders can go on and off the ride. The four converged pillars are set at certain angels to support the entire weight of the ride. As for the two arms, the arms are fitted with a ship shaped gondola, while on the other end the two arms are attached to the converged pillars. The name of the ride derives from the pirate ship shaped gondola, which accommodates different amount of passengers according to the different sizes of the rides. Pirate ship carnival rides are welcomed in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, family entertainment centers, and so on. And it is a hit among people at all ages, young and old. Want to buy a pirate ship ride? Pirate ship rides for sale in Beston are affordable and well-built. With several years of experience, Beston dedicates to manufacturing and selling safe, dependable and profitable amusement rides.

pirate ship rides for sale
Viking Ship Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-24A
Height: 8 m
Angle of deviation: 55°
Power: 12kW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24people
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carnival pirate boat cheap in BESTON
Beston Amusement Park Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-24A
Area: 14m * 12m
Angle of deviation: 45 °
Power: 11kW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 people
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How does Pirate Ship Ride Work?

Pirate ship fair ride can swing back and forth, and at first, it swings slowly and gently with lower height, and then the ride accelerates in speed and swings higher and higher, giving you the minutes of airtime, just like the experience of roller coaster rides. In addition, as the pirate ship fair ride swings back and forth, riders can have the impression that they are riding ship on the high seas. It is very exciting and thrilling. As a kind of thrill rides in moderate degree, pirate ship fair ride are the hob fun center for young and old. For the needs of young children, Beston even provides scaled down miniature pirate ship rides for them, so all people can enjoy the fun brought by the pirate ship ride.

buy viking pirate boat rides from supplier beston
Beston Pirate Ship Rides for Sale Cheap

Model: BRPS-24B

Area: 14m * 12m
Angle of deviation: 45 °
Power: 11kW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 people
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BESTON Pirate Ship manufacturer in China
Beston Carnival Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Model: BRPS-40B
Height: 14.5m
Length: 12
Area: 16m * 12m
Angle of deviation: 60 °
Power: 22kW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 40 people
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Special Features of Beston Pirate Ship Carnival Rides for Sale

  1. Various themes available. As the name implies, the most popular theme of pirate ship funfair rides are Viking pirate ships, with pirates at the head of the ships and pirate related paintings on the body of the ships. However, in addition to this classic theme, Beston pirate ship ride for sale comes in different themes, such as traditional Chinese ships, dragon themed ships inspired by the Dragon Boat Festival, and other novel designs as you can imagine. And every part of the pirate ship ride for sale is consistent with the defined themes, which can attract great attention from people passing by and tempt them for a ride!
  2. LED light package and equipped music. Once motivated, while pirate ship funfair ride swings back and forth, and subject riders to various level of angular momentum, widely favorite songs, which can be programmed, will be played. When the night descends, the LED lights incorporated in the ride will begin to flash. The movements, the music and the lights make the pirate ship ride a hub for young and old.
  3. High quality. The ship shaped vehicles of pirate ship funfair ride for sale in Beston are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which are endurable, corrosion resistant and non-conducting. Besides, the colorful spray paintings on the pirate ship rides are unfading and thick enough to meet the concerned standards. And the four pillars and the two arms are made of steel and have been proved to carrying required weight.
  4. Best services with reasonable prices. Equipped with our professional technicians in our own factory, Beston can offer all-around services before and after the selling of our products, and we are happy to give your advice on the design of your entertainment parks, specific products, and following up issues such as shipment, installation and maintenance. We are always here for you! Please contact us if you have any questions.
Max swing degree45°45°45°45°60°

With so much popularity among young and old, pirate ship carnival rides are great addition for your great parks, your profitable fairground rides business. While providing fun for your guests, pirate ship funfair rides in your park will generate much money for you. What are you waiting for? Contact us NOW for more detailed information. Beston will never let you down!


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