Mall Kiddie Rides for Sale

Mall kiddie rides, as the name implies, are amusement rides that are suitable for shopping malls. Nowadays, shopping malls are flourishing with the development of economy worldwide. And more often than not, children are the main target guests of amusement rides in malls. Mall kiddie rides for sale in Beston are often of small footprints, and at the same time, they are usually portable. Beston group is a top manufacturer of amusement rides in China, providing tons of various theme park rides, including mall kiddie rides. So if you run amusement rides businesses in shopping malls, please check out more here. Our products can be customized to meet your specific needs.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Mall Kiddie Robot Amusement Rides

Model: BRRS-1A
Diameter: 1.3*0.95*1.6m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 150kg
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mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Bungee Trampoline Jumping Rides Cheap

Model: BRBJ-4A
Diameter: 900*900*600cm
Production Period: 10-15days
Certification: CE,EN1176
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New Kiddie Mall Rides for Sale

As a leading manufacturer of theme park rides, Beston group provides various mall rides for you. Besides, we also can help you design your own indoor parks for kids. When it comes to mall rides, Beston has popular and attractive mall rides, such as indoor naughty castles, kids excavators, bungee jumping trampoline rides, VR products, robot rides, and so on. All these rides can lure many kids to your venues. In addition, the children cannot resist these rides, and will ride them again and again, for these rides can bring constant fun for kids as well as their parents.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Kids Pirate Boat VR Rides

Model: BRVR-2A
Size: 130cm*85cm*86cm
Capacity: 2 persons
Voltage: 220v
Power: 0.4Kw
Pillar size: 61*65*170cm
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mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Shopping Mall Kids Excavator Rides

Model: BRKE-1A
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 1.58kw
Max. Digging depth: 0.8m
Application: Indoor/outdoor
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mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Mall Inflatable Naughty Castle Cheap

Model: BRNC-066
Size: 5X6X5m
Material: 100% Uper High Quality PVC Tarpaulin
Thickness: 0.55mm
Customized: Yes
Certification: ROHS, UL, CE
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Classic Mall Rides for Sale

Except for the new mall rides for kids, Beston also offers classic kiddie rides at shopping malls, such as kids carousel rides, kids train rides, mini disco tagada rides, kids pirate ship rides, mini flying chair swing rides, other kids spinning rides and so on. As classic kiddie rides, these rides still attract a lot attention of kids and their parents. And they are staples in any indoor and outdoor amusement parks.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Watermelon Chair Swing Rides Cheap

Model: BRFC-16A
Diameter: 13m (rails included)
Height: 4.8m
Capacity: 16 persons
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 360v/220v 50Hz
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mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Mall Kiddie Pirate Ship Rides

Model: BRPB-12A
Size: 6*4*4
Max swing degree: 45°
Capacity: 12 kids
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Mall Train Rides for Sale

Amusement train rides, whether trackless train rides or train rides with tracks, are very popular in shopping malls all over the worlds. Beston group provides high quality mall train rides at low prices. And we provide train rides powered electricity, battery operated ones, and diesel train rides as well. What’s more, all these train rides can be customized in sizes, themes, colors, etc. As classic shopping mall attractions, Beston mall train rides will draw large crowd and make huge money for you for long term of period.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Trackless Train Rides Manufacturer

Model: BRMT-24A
Locomotive Capacity: 1 person
Capacity: 16 adults or 24 kids
Loco Size: 2900*1160*1920mm
Dimension: 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning Radius:3.5m
Max Speed: 10km/h
Range: 80km
Power: 3 kw
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mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Miniature Train Rides Supplier

Model: BRKT-6A
Track area: 8*10m
Size: 1 Loco+ 2 Coaches
Power: 3.5 KW
Voltage: 220V
Cabin No: 2
Capacity: 6 persons
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Mall Animal Rides for Sale

Mall animal rides, also known as motorized animals mall, animal riders or mall ride on animals, are new portable kiddie rides that are suitable for shopping malls, squares, local carnivals and funfairs, parties, and so on. The reason why they are called as animal ride is that the outfit of the ride can be animals of any kinds. Cute pandas, tigers, dogs, bears, and other characters from movies and animations. What’s more, the animal like coat can be changed as you like. So you can change the coats regularly to meet the needs of your young guests. And according to the different sizes, the motorized animal rides can hold from one to two persons at a time. As a result, young children can enjoy the fun together with their friends or parents.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Mall Ride on Animals

Model: BRAR-2A
Size: 130*60*60*90cm
Weight: 27kg
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 50w
Battery powered
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As for how the animal ride works, the fact is that the mall ride on animals are powered by batteries. So it is easy for you to operate these adorable rides: what you need to do is just to charge these rides and charge money from your guests. The advice for you is that you can buy several animal rides at a time with dozens of animal coats. And then the moment you get these rides, you can start operate them and make money.

mall kiddie rides for sale
Beston Motorized Animal Rides Cheap

Model: BRAR-2B
Size: 130*60*60*90cm
Weight: 27kg
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 50w
Battery powered
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Advantages of Beston Mall Kiddie Rides

  1. High quality materials. All Beston made mall kiddie rides are made of high quality, which ensure the safety as well as make the rides durable.
  2. Custom made products. All of our kids mall rides for sale can be customized to meet your specific needs, regarding themes, sizes, logos, colors, and so on.
  3. Great revenues. Beston mall kiddie rides are attractive in appearances, move in kids friendly ways. So they are very popular among kids as well as young adults. As a result, these wonderful rides will make your huge money.
  4. Leading manufacturer. As stated above, Beston group is a top manufacturer of amusement park rides in China. We are qualified manufacturer with professional knowledge as well as rich experience. We keep in line with the trends with amusement rides businesses worldwide.
  5. Great customer support. Beston group offers one-stop services for you, for we have clearly classified departments to help you along with your order, shipment, installation as well as aftersales.
  6. Professional installation guide. For installation, we offer professional installation guides for you, and if there is anything unclear, we are always here for you. Of course, if you really need in person installation, we also can send personnel to you.


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