Beston Delivered the Slingshot Amusement Ride to Russia

Nowadays, Slingshot amusement rides are one of the most popular amusement rides in amusement and theme parks for the thrill-seekers. Slingshot rides also has many other name: reverse bungee rides, rocket bungee rides, ejection seats, catapult bungee and so on. Because of the novel design and extreme thrill, Beston slingshot rides can attract a great number of visitors for parks, which means much more benefits. As a result, it sells well worldwide, including Russia.

slingshot carnival ride for sale in Russia
Beston Slingshot Rides in Russia
picture of slingshot ride in Russia
Beston Reverse Bungee Rides in Russia
bungee slingshot ride supplier
Beston Catapult Bungee Ride in Russia

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The above are some photos about parts of slingshot thrill rides on the truck from Beston factory, which are being transported to our customers in Russia! We have developed a long-term business relationship with Russia for years. Beston amusement park rides have received favorable comments from Russia and many other countries and areas. Contact us to know more about slingshot rides and other amusement equipment.

slingshot rides for sale

Slingshot Rides for Sale

Slingshot ride is a new extreme thrill ride in Beston amusement. This exciting slingshot ride is so popular around the ...
Reverse Bungee Rides for Sale

Reverse Bungee Rides for Sale

Thrill reverse bungee rides for sale in Beston group. Reverse bungee rides are also known as slingshot rides, rocket bungee ...


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