Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride for Sale

Turbo tubs carnival ride for sale cheap in Beston group. Turbo tubs ride is also called turbo tubs of fun ride or funny tubs ride. Turbo tubs is new spinning portable carnival ride in Beston group, and is great attraction for kids and adults alike. Like spinning teacup ride, turbo tubs ride spins a lot and is also a highly interactive family ride. As a result, kids and adults love the turbo tubs fun rides a lot and cannot not resist to ride again and again. Besides, due to the portability, trailer mounted turbo tubs rides are a hit at carnivals and funfairs, and other location-based venues. If you want to buy a new quality turbo tubs ride with reasonable prices, please contact Beston group.

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Turbo Tubs Fun Rides

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Portable Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride

Beston turbo tubs ride is mobile so you can attend local carnivals and funfairs, or rent it out for parties. As portable carnival ride, turbo tubs ride are easy to set up and transport. So with one or two person, you can set up your turbo tubs rides and operate them within several minutes. On top of this convenience, there are also advantages of these mobile turbo tubs fun ride. For example, Beston turbo tubs are of high capacity that can hold 12 persons. Besides, Beston funny turbo tubs rides are of colorful paintings and bright lights that can attract attention of both kids and adults.

turbo tubs for sale cheap in Beston
Portable Turbo Tubs Supplier Beston

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How Does Turbo Tubs Amusement Ride Work?

Before we talk about how the turbo tubs amusement ride works, let’s see the configurations of the turbo tubs ride. Firstly, as the name implies, turbo tubs fun ride is consisted of several, usually 6 tubs shaped passenger seats. As for the central axis, more often than not, it is a short column with 6 radial arms, while at the bottom of the axis there is motor that power the whole ride. Besides, in the center of each tub, there is a steer wheel so riders can turn their own tubs as they like: whether to spin it quickly or slowly. After understanding the basic structures, let’s come to the work principles. For the passenger tubs, they are spin on their own before the whole ride starts. As a result, while waiting other riders come abroad, you can spin your own seats as you like. And when the whole ride starts to spin, this will add another spinning sensation to riders. Be aware of dizziness from spinning!

turbo tubs carnival rides for sale
Quality Turbo Tubs Fun Rides

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Special Features of Turbo Tubs Ride Beston

  1. High quality materials. Beston turbo tubs rides are made of top quality materials, such as sturdy steels and thick fiberglass reinforce plastics as well as durable paintings.
  2. High interactive. Since the tubs of the carnival ride can spin independently, riders can spin their seats according to their own will.
  3. Safety. High quality materials ensure the safety of riders in first way. In addition, the tubs are equipped with safety belts and bars so that riders can be buckled safely in their seats while the whole ride spins wildly.
  4. Bright lights and catchy music. The central axis as well as the tubs of Beston turbo tubs rides are decorated with colorful lights, which can draw attention of people at night. What’s more, you can play any music you want on the ride, adding another attraction to your turbo tubs fun ride.
  5. All-around services. Beston is a professional manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China. So we provide you with one-stop services from pre-sales to after-sales to save your energies as well as money.


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