Tower Rides for Sale

Tower rides are amusement rides that feature towers as one of the main components of the rides. As for the passenger seats, they can form a circular around the tower, or a row of seats attached to one face of the tower. No matter which form of passenger seats, passengers all face outwards. In addition, some tower rides even have no footsteps, allowing riders to dangle their feet high in the air. Here are some examples of tower rides in Beston group: drop tower rides, frog hopper rides for kids, swing tower rides, and samba tower rides. All of tower rides for sale in Beston can be customized to meet your specific needs in themes, sizes, and colors, and so on.

frog hopper rides

Frog Hopper Rides for Sale

Children love jumping frogs. So once they see the cute frogs on your frog hopper rides, they will eager to try on the rides. And the frog hopper rides will never let the children down. They will laugh and giggle ...
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samba tower rides for sale

Samba Tower Rides for Sale

Samba tower ride, also called samba balloon tower ride, balloon tower, sky samba balloon ride, is an incredible family ride, usually found in amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers. As a variant of attractive samba balloon ride, samba tower ...
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Common Physics of Beston Tower Rides

No matter what kind of tower rides, they all operate in a relatively similar way. At first, when riders are ready for the ride, the passenger seats will be raised to the top of the towers at a moderate speed. And then, from the top, riders on passenger seats will fall freely or do some ups and downs along the tracks on the tower. At last, the passenger seats will be lowered safely to the ground. Of course, for the swing rides and samba balloon tower rides, riders will rotate around the towers high in the air for a while before they are lowered down safely to the ground.

swing tower rides for sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing tower ride, also known vertical swing and flying tower, is a new centerpiece for theme and amusement parks all over the world. Although it may second to the drawing power of giant roller coasters, vertical swing rides are well ...
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drop tower rides for sale

Drop Tower Rides for Sale

Drop tower ride is a new centerpiece in theme and amusement parks all over the world. This, along with its various names, prove the high popularity of the ride itself. Drop tower rides for sale in Beston group are customized ...
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Special Features of Beston Tower Rides

  1. Four kinds of tower rides. Beston has drop tower rides, swing tower rides, samba balloon tower rides, and frog hopper rides to offer.
  2. Meet needs of different age groups. Since Beston offers mainly four kinds of tower rides, these tower rides target riders of different ages. So you can entertain patrons all of ages in your theme parks.
  3. Reliable manufacturer. Beston group is a leading manufacturer of amusement park rides in China. And we pay great attention to the quality and safety of our theme park rides, for we deeply understand that only high quality products with reasonable prices can win the trust of our customers as well as realize the ambitions of our own.
  4. High quality materials. Beston tower rides are of top quality materials, such as stable steels, fiberglass reinforced plastics, qualified motors and durable paintings.
  5. Safety. Except for quality materials, all of our tower rides are equipped with required safety belts, hand bars, shoulder harness and so on.
  6. Customized products. As stated above, all of our tower rides can be specially made to meet your requirements.
  7. Great customer support. Beston group offers all around services to help you get your tower rides safely and conveniently.

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