Samba Tower Rides for Sale

Samba tower ride, also called samba balloon tower ride, balloon tower, sky samba balloon ride, is an incredible family ride, usually found in amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centers. As a variant of attractive samba balloon ride, samba tower is unique in that it can raise riders high in the air, giving them spectacular view of their surroundings. Of course, samba tower also can become the signature family ride in your parks due to its height as well as the attractive appearances. So if you want to add more attractions to your theme and amusement parks, samba balloon tower ride in Beston is one that you can not miss.

samba tower rides for sale
Beston Theme Park Smaba Tower Cheap

Model: BRST-32A
Height: 12m
Voltage: 380v
Power: 8.5kw
Capacity: 32 persons
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What are Samba Balloon Tower Rides?

As for the configuration, balloon tower ride in Beston group is composed of a column, a raising crown with 6 or 8 samba balloon gondolas. Usually, the column is of 12 meters high. Of course, the height can be customized. As for the gondolas, they are the same as samba balloon rides, each of which can accommodate 4 persons. Unlike the top of the samba balloon rides, which can rotate and tilt, the raising crown of samba tower can raise up and down around the column. And at the top of the column, the crown will rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

samba tower rides for sale
Beston Balloon Tower Rides for Sale

Model: BRST-32B
Height: 10.8m
Voltage: 380v/220v, 50-60Hz
Power: 8.5kw
Capacity: 32 persons
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Outstanding Features of Beston Samba Tower

  1. High capacity. Beston sky samba balloon ride often have 6 or 8 gondolas, with each of them can hold four persons at a time.
  2. Small footprints. Compared with other rides, samba tower rides are of small footprints.
  3. Great view. As mentioned above, the balloon tower rides are high in the air, so that riders can have great view of surrounding scenery.
  4. High quality materials. Beston samba balloon tower ride is made of high quality materials like fiberglass and strong steels.
  5. Safety. Beston amusement park samba balloon tower rides are equipped with safety belts, railings. In addition, the whole ride is controlled by advanced technologies to ensure safety.
  6. Best services. Beston is professional manufacturer of theme park rides in China, and we provide our customers with all around pre-sales and after-sales services.
NameSamba Balloon Tower
Cockpit8 pcs


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