Happy Car Rides for Sale in Tajikistan

Happy cars, also known as Le Bar cars or leswing cars, are newly invented amusement rides welcomed by people almost of all ages.  Due to the highly mobility, Beston happy car rides can move around freely, rushing back and forth and spinning in 360 degrees. Besides, because of the compact dimensions, Beston Le bar cars are suitable for both indoor and outdoor amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, local funfair and carnivals, shopping malls, parties and other events.  Beston happy cars are not only made of high quality fiberglass and steels, but also are equipped with brilliant lights and music players. As a result, Beston happy cars will  draw great amount of people to your venues and give extraordinary experience to your guests. And in return, you will make great money from these wonderful happy car rides.

quality le bar cars for sale cheap in Beston
Tajikistan customer buy happy car rides cheap from Beston

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Le Bar Car for Sale Cheap in Beston

The above picture is our Tajikistan customer, who visited our factory and had a try on Beston happy car. From the picture,  you can tell that he was very satisfied with Beston Le bar cars. Besides, he believed that Beston happy cars would generate great money for him.

new le bar car rides for sale in Beston

Beston manufacturer of happy car rides

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Beston happy cars are so popular that Beston determines to design more new models.  So now there are many kinds of Beston happy car rides available, from simple ones to grand ones. In addition, Beston leswing cars also can be customized to meet your specific needs. Beston happy car rides are powered by battery, which can last more than 8 hours.  Easy transported, small footprints, low maintenance fees, Beston happy cars are great investments for you. Do not hesitate and contact us now!


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