Gyroscope Ride for Sale

Gyroscope ride for sale cheap in Beston group. Gyroscope ride is also known as human gyroscope ride, gyro ball or space ball ride, orbitron ride and Aerotrim gyroscope. Nowadays, gyroscope rides are mainly used for entertainment or fitness purposes. Consequently, you can often find gyroscope rides in carnivals, fairgrounds, both indoors and outdoors, parties and other locations. Beston gyroscope rides can hold one to six persons at a time, which can meet your different needs for different occasions. As for quality and prices, Beston, as a top manufacturer and supplier, offers you quality gyroscope rides with low prices. For we want to establish long term businesses relationships with our customers. So if you want to purchase gyroscope amusement rides, please do contact Beston group and we are always here for you.

Gyroscope Ride for Sale
Beston Customized Gyroscope Rides

Model: BRGR-6A
Area: 4.5*4.5m
Height: 3.4m
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 6 persons
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gyroscope rides for sale
Beston 2-Person Gyroscope Rides Cheap

Model: BRGR-2A
Power: 3KW
Capacity: 2
Material:sealess steel tube
Volume: 14CBM
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quality gyroscope rides for sale cheap
Beston Gyro Extreme Rides for Sale

Model: BRGR-6B
Area: 4.5*4.5m
Height: 3.4m
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 6 persons
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Gyroscope Amusement Rides Price

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China. As for quality, Beston gyroscope rides are made of high graded materials so that they can last long time and provide riders fun as well as safety. When it comes to prices, Beston group can offer you competitive prices for all of the gyroscope rides are made and assembled in our own factory. As a result, Beston can save you from agency fees as well as extra energies. So Beston group gyroscope rides are perfect choices for you, as they are of high quality but with low prices.

Features of Gyroscope Rides in Beston

  1. Customized gyroscope rides. As a top manufacturer and supplier of gyroscope rides in China, Beston can customize the themes, sizes, designs, colors and other aspects to meet your needs.
  2. Different capacity. Beston gyroscope rides can come with different capacity ranging from one person to six persons at a time. With different capacity, Beston gyroscope rides suit your different usages. For example, to attend carnivals, you can set up your six person human gyroscope rides, so that they can entertain many people at a time. While for fitness purpose, the single person gyroscope rides are enough.
  3. Easy to operate. Beston gyroscope rides are connected to control boxes. So operator only press certain buttons to start or stop the rides.
  4. Application. Due to the compact dimensions as well as light weights, Beston gyroscope rides can be used in various locations both indoors and outdoors, such as playgrounds, theme and amusement parks, carnivals and funfairs, parties, and so on.
  5. Safety. Due to the fact that gyroscope rides can spin wildly in operation, the passenger seats of Beston gyroscope rides are equipped with safety belts and harnesses to ensure the safety of riders. Of course, quality materials are often very important to the safety of the whole rides.

Tips for Your Gyroscope Business

In light of the above advantages of Beston gyroscope rides, you may find that gyroscope rides are great investments for you. And in fact, there are many options for you to make great money from Beston gyroscope rides.

  1. Operate your own gyroscope rides. You can buy more than one gyroscope rides, and put them in many locations as you like, such as indoor playgrounds, outdoor theme parks, gyms, carnivals and funfairs, and so on. You can charge people for money to ride on these fantastic thrill rides.
  2. Human gyroscope rental. You can rent your gyroscope rides out for days on various occasions, such as promotion events, birthdays, parties, and other events. And due to extraordinary performances and attractive appearances, Beston gyroscope rides can attract many people around and entertain people in a great way.


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