Gyro Ride for Sale

Variety of gyro ride for sale cheap in Beston group. Gyro ride is also called human gyro ride, gyro ball ride, square gyroscope ride, gyro extreme ride and of course human gyroscope ride. Gyro rides in Beston are of high popularity among people almost of all ages. Besides, they are the center hub of crowds in theme and amusement parks, scientific museums, carnivals and funfairs, and other special events. Due to the compact dimensions, gyro rides in Beston can be transported and maintained in an easy way. What’s more, there are also mobile gyro rides in Beston so that you can travel around country to attend carnivals, funfairs and other special activities.

Gyro Ride for Sale
Beston Human Gyro Rides Supplier

Model: BRGR-6A
Area: 4.5*4.5m
Height: 3.4m
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 6 persons
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Gyro Ride for Sale
Beston Gyro Rides for Sale

Model: BRGR-4A
Speed:1.8 adjustble
Material: FRP and STEEL
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human gyroscope price cheap in Beston
Beston Gyro Extreme Rides Cheap

Model: BRGR-2A
Power: 3KW
Capacity: 2
Material:sealess steel tube
Volume: 14CBM
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Beston Gyro Extreme Ride Cheap

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides in China, providing theme park rides ranging from thrill rides to kiddie rides for customers worldwide. As for the gyro rides in Beston, they are made of high quality materials, such as high graded steels, fiberglass reinforced plastics, and other quality materials. Besides, the human gyro rides in Beston are very safe, for there are safety belts, shoulder harnesses, and feet holders. As a result, riders can enjoy great fun in a safe way. For prices, Beston gyro rides are of competitive prices because all of them are built and assembled in our own factory and we firmly believe that we should commit to providing quality products to customers with reasonable prices.

Benefits of Beston Human Gyro Ride

Beston gyro ride is also known as gyro extreme ride, for the ride can spin, toss, turns riders in different directions in random ways. Due to this reason, you can definitely feel the weightlessness, and dizziness. So you can feel extreme sensations which will give great fun for you. Of course, since the gyro spins all around, riding on gyro rides can serve as workout for you in a great way and keep you fit while enjoying fun.

Customized Gyro Ride in Beston

All of the Beston square gyro rides can be customized in almost all aspects to meet your needs. For example, gyro rides in Beston can accommodate one to six persons at a time to suit different occasions. In addition, portable gyroscope rides are also available in Beston group. What’s more, these gyro ball rides also can be designed in different themes, colors, styles. Your imagination is the only limit of Beston gyro rides.


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