Aerotrim Gyroscope for Sale

Aerotrim gyroscope for sale cheap in Beston group. As mentioned in other articles about gyroscope ride, gyroscope ride is originally known as aerotrim gyroscope for it is mainly used for training astronauts. Due to the constant spinning up and down in 360 degrees, astronauts can experience weightless and dizziness like in the space. Nowadays, with the development of technologies, there are more advanced devices to train pilots and astronauts. And thus aerotrim gyroscope rides are delegated to serve as amusement rides or fitness instrument. And the fact is that aerotrim gyroscope rides are so popular that you can find them in many locations worldwide, such as indoor gyms, theme and amusement parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers, scientific museums, and even promotional events. If you want to buy aerotrim gyroscope rides from reliable manufacturer, you should consider Beston group.

Aerotrim Gyroscope for Sale
Beston Square Gyroscope Rides

Model: BRAG-2A
Power: 3KW
Capacity: 2
Material:sealess steel tube
Volume: 14CBM
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Aerotrim Gyroscope for Sale
Beston Aerotrim Gyroscope for Sale Cheap

Model: BRAG-6A
Area: 4.5*4.5m
Height: 3.4m
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 6 persons
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Aerotrim Gyroscope supplier Beston group
Beston Bespoke Aerotrim Gyroscope

Model: BRAG-4A
Capacity:4 persons
Speed:1.8 adjustble
Material: FRP and STEEL
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Beston Aerotrim Gyroscope Manufacturer and Supplier

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of theme park rides in China. With expertise and qualifications, Beston can provide a wide range of theme park rides, ranging from thrill rides to attractive kiddie rides. As for aerotrim gyroscope ride, it is one of the most popular rides in Beston group for its simple construction as well as extreme fun. What’s more, Beston aerotrim gyroscope rides can be customized in designs, themes, colors, capacity, lights and other aspects. And the ultimate aim is to meet your specific needs and help you attract more people. As a professional human gyroscope rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston group places innovation at the first place, designs and makes new aerotirm gyroscopes constantly.

Features of Beston Aerotrim Gyroscope

  1. High quality. Beston aerotrim gyroscope rides are made of high quality steels, thick fiberglass reinforced plastics, durable paintings, and qualified motor systems.
  2. Bespoke products. As a top manufacturer and supplier of aerotrim gyroscope rides, Beston can customize all of our gyroscope rides in terms of sizes, designs, colors, and so on to suit customers’ specific requirements.
  3. Simple structures. Beston aerotrim gyroscope rides are made of simple structures, mainly with three steel rings, a supportive structure and passenger seats.
  4. Easy to set up and put down. Due to the simple structures and lightness, Beston aerotrim gyroscope rides are easy to set up and put down, and are also easy to transport from one location to another.
  5. Great investments. Beston aerotrim gyroscope rides are cheap. For they are built and assembled in our own factory, and as a result we can delivery these quality human gyro rides to you with factory prices. In addition, due to the low prices, you can start your own gyroscope rides businesses easily. What’s more, aerotrim gyroscope rides can generate great money for you in short period of time.
  6. Suitable for many occasions. With small footprints, powered aerotrim gyroscope rides can be used indoors and outdoors, carnivals, and theme parks, and even squares.
  7. Easy to maintain. In light of the small footprints and small dimensions, aerotrim gyroscope rides can be maintain easily.


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